BTC Technical Bulletin DTB-0210-001-0.0
Product: BTC Office keyboard series model: 5207F, 8190, 8190A,8191, 8192
Subject: No response when pressing F8 to access Windows boot menu or F4 to boot previous DOS version
Sleep Suspend (Any key can return to your previous working Status.)
Wake up Wake up the system ?(returns to your previous working Status.)
Microsoft Windows? handles during OS startup the following function keys:

-F8 -- To access Windows boot menu (all Windows versions)
-F4 -- To start previous DOS version (Windows 9x, ME)

The Office keyboard has by design theOffice Wizard enabled when the system starts up.
As such pressing functions keys F4 and F8 are configured for operations under Windows as unhanced Function Keys

F4: The save key saves the active file with current file name, location and file format.
F8: The redo key reverses the action of the Undo command.

Therefore when Windows starts up, pressing F4 and F8 gives the key codes for these operations, this prevents however Windows from entering the boot menu or start the previous DOS version.
To access Windows boot menu by pressing F8 or booting DOS previous version by pressing F4, when the Windows starts up :
  1st first pressOffice Wizard button to turn off unhanced Function Keys? theOffice Wizard LED goes off.
  2nd next press F8 or F4

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