Technical Bulletin: Office keyboard series model: 5207F,8190,8190A,8191 and 8192 
01.keyboards with ACPI keys 
02.USB keyboards 
03.Euro symbol 
04.Drivers for Windows XP 
05.How to save your time and get a quick response when you write e-service for help? 
1.keyboards with ACPI keys
1-1What is a PC 98 keyboard? 
A PC 98 keyboard is a keyboard, which can work under Windows 98 operating systems and has passed the Windows 98 Hardware Compatibility Test supplied by Microsoft.
1-2What are ACPI keys? 
The ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) keys are specified in PC 98 keyboard Specification, and in BTC keyboard they are performed as Power off, Sleep, and Wake up. ACPI is a specification that defines a new interface to the system board. This interface enables the operating systems to implement operating systems-directed power management and system configuration. ACPI allows system manufacturers to build systems consistent with the OnNow design initiative for instantly available PCs.
1-3Does a PC 98 keyboard provide ACPI keys? 
Always. A PC 98 keyboard may provide ACPI keys,
but it doesn't have to.
1-4Does it need any particular system requirement to use a PC 98 keyboard? 
No,But to use the full power management keys, the system requirements are:
use Microsoft Windows 98 operating systems or the coming Windows 2000 operating systems.
use a system supporting ACPI or APM II, that is, use the system with an ACPI mother board, an ATX power supply, and an ACPI keyboard.
1-5What are the functions of the three ACPI keys? 
Although the functions of three ACPI keys have been specified, actually they are not developed maturely. All PC and peripheral makers are still developing and improving the power management functions. From the table below, we can see the function differences between 'current' and 'specification'.

Current Condition
Power offSuspend (Any key can return to your previous working Status.)Power off the system (same as pressing Power Off switch of system case)Shut down the system (but remains little power for super I/O and keyboard. Pressing Wake up key can power on the system.)
SleepSuspend (Any key can return to your previous working Status.)Suspend (Any key can return to your previous working Status.)Suspend (Any key can return to your previous working Status.)
Wake upWake up the system (returns to your previous working Status.)Wake up the system (returns to your previous working Status.)Power on the system
1-6Before the ACPI functions are developed well, what solution can make up? 
BTC has now a driver for ACPI keys to meet the specification. You may download the ACPI driver. Please note that using the driver your PC must meet the following system requirements:
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT4.0 operating systems
An ACPI motherboard with ATX power supply
(The BIOS must be able to power on system by setting to `Wake up` key.)
A BTC standard keyboard with ACPI keys
 Note that the SLEEP key cannot work in Windows NT4.0 due to Windows NT 4.0 doesn't support this function.
1-7Which models of BTC keyboards support ACPI functions? 
They are 5121W, 5122W, 5113, 5113RF, 5530W, 5900W, 7941, 8110W, 8113W, 9000, 9000A, and the coming new products. Please go to Product Info page for details.
2.USB keyboards
2-1What are the system requirements to use a BTC USB keyboard? 
There are five kinds of USB environment for BTC USB
 1.USB PC with Windows 95 OSR2.1 operating systems and USB HID driver
 2.USB PC with Windows 98 operating systems
 3.USB PC with Windows 2000 operating systems
 4.USB PC with Legacy USB BIOS
 5.General PC with PCI port, USB emulation card and the related driver
2-2What's a USB PC? 
A USB PC should have a motherboard which is
 1.mounted with USB Host Controller chip.
 2.embedded USB pin out along with USB connector for connecting the external USB device.
 3.with USB BIOS
2-3Can USB keyboard work under pure DOS environment? 
Yes, if the PC has a motherboard with Legacy USB BIOS. If you are not sure about your motherboard,, you may contact your PC agency for USB BIOS version and features.
2-4Which models of BTC keyboards support USB function? 
They are 7932M, 8112, and 8113W. Go to Product Info page for details.
2-5What is a USB hubless keyboard? 
A USB hubless keyboard is typically implemented as a separate USB peripheral device with a cable that plugs into a port on a hub.
2-6What is a USB hub keyboard? 
A hub keyboard indicates a special designed USB keyboard that provides additional USB attachment points, which are called 'down-streams' to let USB devices plug in.
3.Euro Symbol
3-1What is a euro symbol? 
The euro is the name given to the single currency of the European Union.

According to the European Commission the euro will exist as a currency from January 1, 1999 but will only gradually move into general use, with the introduction of coins and notes in 2002.

For more information, see the Euro Web site http://europa.eu.int/euro/ run by the European Commission.
3-2Which version of Windows operating systems can produce euro symbol? 
Windows 98 and Windows 2000. If your operating systems is Windows 3.1, Windwos 95, Windows NT 3.51 or NT 4.0, you may go to the web site:
http://www.microsoft.com/windows/euro.asp to download euro product update for euro symbol.
3-3How do I reproduce a euro symbol using a keyboard? 
First, make sure the operating systems you are using supports euro symbol. There are two ways to reproduce euro symbol.
 1.Press Alt+0128, that is, holding the [Alt] key and pressing [0], [1], [2], [8] in order on the numeric keypad. Or you can
 2.Press [Alt Gr]+euro symbol, that is to press the RIGHT (not left) [Alt] key and the key printed they symbol. By doing so, you don't have to memorize those numbers, but you do have to note that not every language of operating systems supports this reproduction method. thus you have to check whether the language of your operating systems and keyboard are the same with that listed in the table below. This table shows the language list supporting this reproduction method and the key location of the euro symbol.
English [British]
English [Irish]
portuguese [Brazilian]
Dutch [Belgian]
Dutch [Standard]
French [Belgian]
French [Luxembourg]
French [Standard]
French [Swiss]
German [Austrian]
German [Liechtenstein]
German [Luxembourg]
German [Standard]
German [Swiss]
Italian [Standard]
Italian [Swiss]
Norwegian [Bokmal]
Norwegian [Nynorsk]
portuguese [Standard]
Spanish [Castellano]
* The list result comes from testing on Windows 98 operating systems Golden version.
4.Drivers for Windows XP
4-1When the drivers for Windows XP will be ready? 
We have KeyMaestro drivers ready for Model no. 2001 2001ARF / 2001RF / 5126T / 5200T / 5207/ 5301 / 5303 / 5306 / 5307 / 7941 /8190A / 9000 / 9001 / 9000A / 9001A / 9112 / 9113 / 9116 and uploaded on website. You can download the updated driver from BTC website now. The drivers for other models will be ready continually.
4-2Are all Hot Keys re-programmable under Windows XP? 
Yes, all hot keys are re-programmable (except Volume up, Volume down and Mute). They can be configured as a string, a combination key, a web site, an existing file, or a function the driver pre-defines for you.
4-3How to control WinAmp player with the media hot keys on keyboard? 
Please refer to the procedure as below:* Call WinAmp
 A.Please click the Menu of WinAmp
 B.Please select and click "Nullsoft WinAmp".
 C.Please select and click "Tips" * WinAmp SettingAfter finishing the above steps, you will find the WinAmp setting of these media play keys as below:1. "C": Pause / Unpause2. "B" or "6": Next Track3. "Z" or "4" Previous Track
 D."V" Stop
 E."X" Play *Setting
 1.Please click the keyboard KeyMaestro driver icon the right-bottom taskbar.
 2.Please click "Configuration 2" to reprogram these media buttons.
 3.Please type in the "C" character as pause.
 4.Please follow the above steps to define other keys.
 5.Please move your cursor to WinAmp player and click it (active the WinAmp), and you can use the media play keys of keyboard to control the WinAmp.
4-4What is "Windows Media Player"? 
When you are running under Windows XP, you may play the Audio CD or Video CD with the Windows Media Player, which offered by Microsoft Windows. Call out the Media Player, please refer to the procedure as below:1. Move your cursor to "Start Menu" on the left-bottom taskbar and click it.2. Click “Windows Media Player”. You can press the hot keys on the keyboard to control "volume up", "volume down", "mute", "stop" and other functions.
5.How to save your time and get a quick response when you write e-service for help?
1.English/Chinese -- We recommend that you write to us in English or Chinese.
 2.Model no. -- Model no. is essential and printed on the bottom of keyboard.
 3.operating systems -- The current operating systems you are using.
 4.Driver Version -- The driver version is shown on the disk label.Or, you can click driver icon shown on the right-bottom taskbar after driver installed and select 'About' command to see the version of this KeyMaestro driver.
 5.More detailed information and description regarding the questions will help us to reply you properly.
6-1Why are some of the characters I type different than those shown on the screen? 
It is because the keyboard language and layout is not set correctly. Please follow the steps below.
 1.Open Control Panel.
 2.Select keyboard.
 3.Select Language folder.
 4.Click Add.
 5.Select the language identical to your keyboard. (i.e., Spanish traditional)
 6.Then click OK.
 7.You'll find an "EN" icon showing up on the taskbar. use mouse to rightclick the icon.
 8.Select the language you just added. (i.e., Spanish traditional)

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