A. BTC Modem Model  
B. Installation information  
C. System requirement  
D. Initialization string  
E. V.80 / V.90  
F. V.90 upgrade  
G. Connectivity
E. V.80 / V.90  
E-1. What is V.80?  
E-2. What is V.90?  
E-3. Are BTC Modems V.90 ready?

E-1. What is V.80?
V.80 is an ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunications) standard for full-duplex transmitting video data transmitting at both directions simultaneously. It has nothing to do with V.90.
The string `PctelR data/fax/speakerphone/V.80` in the Diagnostic windows indicates BTC 56IPI with driver 7.6101 support V.80. Furthermore, BTC K56E, K56I also support V.80.
E-2 What is V.90?
V.90 is an ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunications) standard telephone transmission protocol. There are currently three 56K standards: K56lex, X2 and V.90, in use in the world. Before the V.90 standard was created, there were two 56K protocols, X2 and K56flex. You can not connect to a K56flex ISP with an X2 modem at 56K speed and vice versa. All ISPs and BTC 56K modems in the market now support V.90.
E-3 Are BTC Modems V.90 ready?
All V.90 modem drivers version are listed in the table below. Check the line "ati3 ...." in the [Control Panel]->[Modem]->[Diagnosis]->[More Info] for your modem driver version. For drivers of older version, please refer to V.90 Upgrade.
V2.200-V90_2M_DLS and above
K56E2 V.2083.B1-56K_DLS and above
K56I V2.083.B1-56K_DLP and above
56IP 7.54 and above
56IPI V.90 and K56flex with auto-detection

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