EuroTrade Gives BTC The 2003 Taiwan's Best of the Best Products Award
BTC's Dual Digital Storage Combo Drive Receives Award
  TAIPEI, TAIWAN, SEMPTEMBER 27, 2003 ¡V Back in July 2003, Behavior Tech Computer (BTC) officially announced the release of its Dual Digital Storage(DDS) Combo Drive. This innovative design combines a 7-in-1 card reader with a Combo drive (DVD-ROM and CD-RW) all into one unit. The DDS drive creates brand new, unlimited imagination to the digital lifestyle. As soon as it was launched, the DDS technology was internationally recognized, standing out in the extremely competitive market and being awarded EuroTrade¡¦s 2003 Taiwan¡¦s Best of the Best Products Award. 

The DDS Combo Drive was distinguished for this award because of its distinctive MultiMedia functionality and backup storage capabilities. The card reader is compatible with the 7 most popular memory card formats in the market today: Compact Flash, MicroDrive, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Secure Digital, and Multimedia Card. 

The drive allows rapid transfer of contents between the flash cards and your optical storage device. Read, preview, edit, duplicate, and write multimedia files with just one drive, satisfying the digital desires of the hi-tech consumer. The size/height of the DDS Combo Drive is the same as your regular half-height drive, so it will fit right into your current PC case. No need to take up extra slots in your tower anymore: DVD-ROM, CD-RW, and 7-in-1 card reader all in one!

BTC does not stop there with its top of the line development. BTC puts its unique 7 Point Anti-Vibration, Double Suspension technology into the DDS Combo Drive. Bundled with the soundproof design, the user reads and burns CD¡¦s with minimal noise even when spinning at the highest speeds. The SuperLink Burn Proof Technology guarantees a complete, solid burn time after time. 

With its endless pursuit of state-of-the-art technology, absolute perfection and continuous innovation, BTC is undoubtedly a leader in the opto-electronic industry, receiving another internationally renowned award. Winning the prestigious EuroTrade ¡§2003 Taiwan¡¦s Best of The Best Products¡¨, BTC shows its dedication to becoming the world leader in optical storage devices.

About Behavior Tech Computer Corp. (BTC)

Established since 1982, BTC brings innovation, vision, and efficiency together to the computer components industry. In the early years, BTC aggressively engaged the market by manufacturing top quality keyboards, then moved into opto-electronic products. BTC relies on its creativity, technology, production capabilities, and international reach, priding itself in its two core businesses: optical storage devices and input devices. Amidst the rapidly changing high-tech industry, BTC remains a leader in the opto-electronics and keyboard industry and continues to revolutionize the world of computer components as we know it. 

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