BTC 8193 deluxe Office keyboard is PC Shopper Editor's Choice!   2004/05/17
  The BTC 8193 deluxe Office keyboard has been awarded with the "Editor's Choice" by PC Shopper's editors for their May 2004 magazine issue, adding to the already impressive list of awards for BTC's Input Device Division (IDD).

The 8193  keyboard, besides providing the usual alphanumeric and numeric keys, also features extensive hotkey areas for internet, multimedia and Office applications as well as a system control key area and often used clipboard keys. The specially designed Wizard Key provides another set of extra features to the F-key area, which can be used in most Office applications as well. The most unique feature of this keyboard however, can be found in the design of the internet hotkey area. These backlit hotkeys emanate an esthetically pleasing soft blue light which adds to the overall fashionable design of the keyboard and which provides a clear view of these often used keys when the keyboard is used in poorly lit environments.

The BTC 8193, with its contemporary design with matching armrest, its super strong combination of software and hardware and unprecedented versatility, compared favorably to the other competitors' products. Also when taking the basic technical specifications and its very competitive price level in account, the 8193 deluxe Office keyboard stood out head and shoulders above its rivals, making it the perfect choice for professional gamers and general consumers alike. 

This PC Shopper's Editor's Choice award for the 8193 deluxe Office keyboard is another notch on the long list of awards for BTC's products, and once again proves that BTC's innovative spirit and long term dedication to strive for perfection is pays itself off in leading edge products that set new standards which others in the industry will have no choice but to follow.

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