BTC 8193 Keyboard Receives Editor's Choice   2004/07/01

BTC's 8193 Deluxe Office Keyboard, designed and produced by Behavior Tech Computer, has been awarded with an Editor's Choice award by Russia's computer magazine Hard'n'Soft. The results of the tests that stood at the basis of this award were published in the May 2004 issue of this well-known and respected magazine.

The BTC 8193 Deluxe Office Keyboard, besides having the usual basic alphanumeric and numeric key areas, is equipped with an extensive range of specialized shortcut button areas which provide an unprecedented level of convenience to the user. The shortcut button areas include Office application keys, internet shortcut keys, application keys, multimedia hotkeys and cut/paste keys. Among these specialized key areas the most significant one is the internet shortcut area, which has a unique nightglow key design. In low light environments or at night, these keys will be clearly visible because of a cool soft blue light that emanates from the keys. Furthermore, the 8193's outward appearance sports a very modern design with matching detachable armrest and gives the user an unprecedented level of control through a powerful software/hardware combination.

In most of the test categories that made up the comparison test, the BTC 8193 surpassed similar products of its competitors and the magazine's editors praised the 8193 for its reliable and outstanding performance, its near perfect design, and its ubiquitous number of shortcut keys. 

The BTC 8193 Deluxe Office Keyboard, with its professional specifications and competitive price, is sure to catch the imagination of professional gamers as well as general consumers. The receiving of this Editor's Choice award in Hard'n'Soft magazine is a sign that the international media has also discovered the outstanding value for money that this product has to offer and is yet another affirmation that BTC's innovative spirit and long-term strategy of striving for excellence is paying off. 

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