BTC introduces the 5545URF ultra high frequency wireless desktop    2005/05/13
  Through experiences in their daily working environment, quite a number of PC users are already familiar with the convenience and freedom that wireless keyboards can provide. To meet the convenience and freedom user requirements as well others, BTC has designed the 5545URF keyboard and mouse set that combines many useful features. Most important among the many features are its long distance wireless operating range and its various useful hotkey areas, such as the ones for Internet and multimedia hotkeys.

BTC recently announced its 5545URF 2.4GHz wireless keyboard and mouse set. This wireless keyboard and mouse set is based on wireless technology operating at 2.4GHz, which is currently the most advanced wireless technology on the market. This technology enables the 5545URF to combine an extra long wireless operating range with an excellent price/performance ratio.

BTC Director of Marketing, Felix Guerra states, " The increased presence of Media Center PC/Home Theater PC presents many opportunities to develop innovative wireless peripheral products. For Media Center PC/Home Theater PC applications, we use 2.4 GHz wireless technology for improved performance and greater distance (compared to 27 MHz) and our products also offer superior battery life as with our 5545URF. 

Our philosophy of  'User Based Design' guides our development team to understand the usage model, which is slowly moving to the 'living room sofa'. The living room ecosystem present us many many opportunities for innovative peripherals to enrich the user's experience by providing innovative, intuitive devices that solve their 'real world' problems V too many remotes, surfing the net, playing games, enjoying and managing multimedia content etc. Additionally, we will increase our emphasis on the Industrial Design of our products such that their design fits well and enhances the user's intended environment V we all know too well, one size does not fit all applications. Stay tuned for more innovative solutions from BTC.

The new 5545URF wireless keyboard and mouse set is one of those outstanding products. Without any need for manual synchronization, the 5545URF's hardware automatically chooses one of 7 possible frequency channels to provide an effective 360 degree wireless operating range of up to 10 meters and can effectively prevent interference with other nearby peripherals. The 5545URF wireless receiver uses a standard mini USB plug-n-play connector for fast and easy installation and is ideally suited for use in an office, home or living room environment where long distance wireless operation is required. The keyboard's exterior is finished in a two-tone metallic color design. The keyboard's clean, space saving layout allows for effective and convenient use. The numerous hotkeys provide users with even more convenience, such as a sleep button to allow the PC to enter or return from the power saving sleep mode and various multimedia hotkeys that fully support home theater applications. The 5545URF supports Microsoft Windows XP/Me/2000/98 operating systems.

The 5545URF's mouse uses BTC's unique, in-house designed 2.4GHz digital wireless technology, which has an operating range up to 10 meters. The 2.4GHz technology can help prevent interference with other wireless devices, so even when many people are using wireless devices in a small space, potential interference problems are minimized giving a much improved user experience. The mouse design addresses user's cosmetic as well as functional demands through its material finish and its ergonomic shape that is suitable for both left and right hand users.

Whether you are looking at the 5545URF's outside appearance, its functionality or its powerful wireless technology specifications, in each of these aspects the 5545URF is a real winner and is sure to entice many users at the upcoming Computex 2005 show in Taipei, where the 5545URF will be on display.

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