BTC announces an advance 2.5inch security HDD enclosure V "Only You" 2008/01/08

"Only You" means only you can access. User needs to clear a triple security access before they can view their data or multimedia files like Audio/Photo/Movie. The Triple-security incorporates the best of security technologies and protection algorithm:

1st level: ID/Password authentication
2nd level: Virtual keyboard and security image
3rd level: Hardware AES 128bit data encryption/decryption


"Only You"  is truly a hardware-based "on-the-fly" data encryption and decryption solution where speed of writing and reading to the HDD is not compromised. The transfer rate is as fast as a standard HDD enclosure. 

For a PC software-based security solution, you will compromise on speed and CPU utilization, and when you need to access the data on another PC or notebook, you need to make sure that same security software is already installed on that PC or notebook otherwise, you will need to install the security program again. This is definitely inconvenient! With "Only You", you need only to configure once and you are ready to bring it along with you and be viewed on other PC or notebook with similar level of security.

"Only You" ID and Password protection is build on advance security features of using a dynamic keyboard and a security image to prevent unauthorized hacking. You can be therefore be assured and safely keep your valuable information on "Only You" .

Although Window Vista has build in HDD encryption feature for internal HDD, it does not offer security feature to protect data when you store on external HDD. Only "Only You" offers such an external HDD security solution and also prevents unauthorized access even when you lose your external HDD or it get stolen.

With its' fashionable looks, crafted aluminum finishing, and latest security technology for storage, "Only You"  is truly the one and only one for you.


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