M969TUL III 4-Way Nano Wireless Laser Mouse   2009/01/15
M969TUL III series is a wireless mouse with nano receiver. The receiver's size is like a coin. Plug-and-forget the nano receiver into the notebook, the user will forget about it certainly. Avoid the trouble with losing receiver, and add the convenience to use the mouse immediately. Advanced 2.4GHz RF technology will make mouse data transmission more fast, and control mouse at 360 degree efficiently without RF interference. The mouse signal won't be postponed inside the range of 10 meters working distance. 

M969TUL III series have adjustable 1600/800 dpi laser tracking sensor. It provides cursor control with excellent tracking precision on most of surface. Its performance outperforms the ordinary optical mouse. Easy browse through the Internet with Forward and Backward buttons on mouse left side. Conveniently surf long documents with smooth scrolling wheel. M969TUL III has Tilt scrolling to navigate up/down/left/right fast.

There is special power management design to conserve batteries energy inside M969TUL III series. If you wouldn't use the mouse for a long time, you could turn off manually the power switch under the mouse. When the electric consumption of the battery is used up, the power indicator will sparkle to remind you of changing the battery. 

M969TUL III series own delicately fashion style and carrying conveniently. The rubber graps of mouse for better control without slip, and the supercars' shape give you superior comfort. The nano receiver is easily stored into the mouse, and carry with notebook conveniently into business bag together. We believe that is great design to your mobile lifestyle.

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