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O: Support X: No Supported --: Not driver necessary,default supported by O.S
Model Name Driver Version Release Date Windows Compress
File Name
File Size
95 98 ME 2K XP Vista
M250 V3.5 12/06/2001 O O X X X X M250.ZIP 928KB
V1.1 12/28/2001 O O O O O X M300.ZIP 1,351KB
M843TU V2.1.1-182AA MUL 05/14/2007 X O O O O O BM843TU.ZIP 1,852KB
M843TUL V2.0.1-206AA MUL 01/03/2008 X O O O O O BM843TUL.ZIP 1,473KB
V2.2.1-98CA MUL 09/29/2004 O O O O O X M850.ZIP 1,216KB
M851 V2.1.1-54CA MUL 02/12/2003 O O O O O X M851.ZIP 1,151KB
M851U V2.1.1-55CA MUL 02/12/2003 X O O O O X


M873AU V2.0.1-154AA MUL 01/11/2006 X O O O O X BM873AU.ZIP 543KB
M873U V2.1.1-145AA MUL 02/21/2006 X O O O O X BM873U.ZIP 1,000KB
M877U V 2.1.1 -153AA MUL 08/01/2008 X X O O O O BM877U.ZIP 3,386KB
M893 V 2.0.1 -171AA MUL 12/09/2005 X O O O O X BM893.ZIP 540KB
M893U/893C V2.2.1-104AA MUL 06/23/2005 X O O O O X BM893C.ZIP 522KB
M901/951 V2.1.1-56CA MUL 02/12/2003 O O O O O X M901.ZIP 1,363KB
M901U/951U V2.1.1-57CA MUL 02/12/2003 X O O O O X M901U.ZIP 1,348KB
M950/960 V2.3.1-36CA MUL 04/29/2003 O O O O O X M950.ZIP 1,373KB
M950U/960U V2.0.1-86CA MUL 04/29/2003 X O O O O X M950U.ZIP 1,357KB
M955C V 2.0.1 -138AA MUL 07/07/2005 X O O O O X BM955C.ZIP 646KB
M957AU V 2.0.1 -207AA MUL 07/06/2009 X O O O O O M957AU.ZIP 1,201KB
M957U V 2.1.1 -165AA MUL 02/07/2006 X O O O O X BM957U.ZIP 524KB
M957U2 V 2.0.1 -165AA MUL 12/12/2005 X O O O O X BM957U2.ZIP 554KB
M969TUL3 V 2.0.1 -221AA MUL 10/16/2008 X X X O O O M969TUL3.ZIP 1,304KB
M971U V 2.0.1 -103AA MUL 04/21/2004 X O O O O X BM971U.ZIP 451KB
M977U V 2.2.1 -161 AA MUL 08/01/2008 X X O O O O BM977U.ZIP 3,640KB
M988TBL V2.0.1-216AA MUL 10/17/2008 X X X O O O M988TBL.ZIP 1,325KB
M993/M993U V2.0.1-19AA MUL 02/26/2004 O O O O O X M993C.ZIP 522KB
M993C V2.2.1-19AA MUL 07/06/2005 X O O O O X BM993C.ZIP 604KB
Notice:  The product uses standard Microsoft driver if you can't find any driver from this page. 
Notice:  These models(M850/850U/850C/851C/860/860U/860C/871/871U/871C )use standard driver from Microsoft,which without shipping software driver anymore. The driver you see is for legacy products support only.
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