-Market introduction of Blue Ray Loader
-Capital increase to NT 2,078 million.
-Market introduction of 12" , 13" Notebook Keyboard Module
-Market introduction of 13.7" LCD and LED Electronic Soft Dartboard
-Market introduction of 10" Netbook Keyboard Module
-Market introduction of 13.7" Soft Dartboard
-Market introduction of High Definition Media Record/Play Center.
-Market introduction of High Definition Multimedia Enclosure.
-Market introduction of Security HDD Enclosure (Hardware AES 128-bit Encryption).
-Market introduction of P2P Download Device.
-Market introduction of PC Video Speakerphone and proudly receives Taiwan G-D Mark Award.
-Presenter mouse and wireless mini optical mouse proudly receive the Taiwan Excellence Awards and Taiwan G-D Mark Awards.
-Capital decrease to NT1,603 million.
-Market introduction of automatic vehicle location system and GPS receiver.
-Market introduction of 8GB 1" mobile storage drive.
-Market introduction of 2.4GHz wireless presenter mouse and laser mouse.
-Market introduction of Microsoft Vista MCE wireless keyboard.
-Market introduction of 2.4GHz long effective range wireless keyboard and mouse.
-Market introduction of high precision 2000dpi optical gaming mouse.
-Market introduction of DVD recorder loader.
-Market introduction of high capacity MP3 player.
-Market introduction of VoIP personal phone box.
-Capital decrease to NT4,007million.
-Market introduction of 1" HDD mobile storage drives.
-Market introduction of external slim DVD Dual drives.
-Market introduction of multimedia keyboard with dual mode joystick and mouse.
-BTC launches the world's first USB mini webcam.
-Symbol of Excellence Award by Ministry of Economics (DVD Dual Drive, Dual digital combo drive, wireless office keyboard and mouse kit).
-Capital increase to NT 5,056 million.
-Introduces Dual Digital Storage Drive that successfully integrated the applications of optical storage and flash cards.
-Backlight keyboard are released.
-New slim keyboard are released.
-Build new keyboard factory facilities to extend the keyboard capacity from 1.5M/M to 2.5M/M.
-Capital increases to NT 4,370 million.
-Introduces Combo drive to Market, as the leading compay in Optical Storage Industry
-Launches the new product line for Digital Camera.
-New notebook keyboards are released.
-Capital increases to NT 4,184 million.
-Issued ECB for US$ 45 million. 
-OEM factories passed the certification for ISO14001
-Issued ECB for US$ 67 million
-Capital increases to NT 3,244 million
-Launches the new product line for optical monse 
-CD-ROM monthly production breaks through a million sets and BTC rises the world's top five CD-ROM manufacturer.
-Issues Euro Convertible Bonds (ECB) twice accounted for US$ 97 million. 
-Mass production of CD-ROM drives in China OEM factory for more than 500K monthly output.
-Break through of 1M monthly output for keyboard.
-Launching for DVD-ROM drives.
-BTC's subsidiary- Chinatech Technology passed the certification for over-the-counter stock market.
-New Windows 98 & Multimedia keyboard released.
-Symbol of Excellence Award by Ministry of Economics (Ergonomic Keyboard, Wireless Keyboard, Multimedia Keyboard and External CD-RW Drive).
-Received ISO 14001 certification.
-Strategic alliance with PC Chips.
-New USB and IR keyboard released.
-CD-RW released.
-Symbol of Excellence Award by Ministry of Economics (Ergonomic Keyboard, IR Keyboard, 3-disc Video CD PLayer, PC Camera and CD-RW Drive).
-SeanTram Technology established (BTC's Optical Disk Factory).
-BTC to have its own site on the world wide web.
-BTC released new color scanner and PC camera.
-New Fax Modem card released.
-The company's shares were listed on the stock exchange for the first time on August 17.
-The Optical Disk Factory was opened in Chung Li.
-The Angers keyboard laser printing factory was opened in France.
-In a move into the consumer electronics market, a new video CD player was released.
-Ergonomically designed keyboards and Windows 95 keyboards were released.
-Received ISO 9001 certification.
-Our scanner was awarded the Golden Mark Innovation Award.
-New CD-ROM drive released.
-Capitalization increased to US$ 26.4 million.
-BTC Germany established, enlarging operations in that country and in Eastern Europe.
-Sound cards are released, launching a range of multimedia products. 
-BTC Latin established in Florida, USA.
-The release of graphics accelerator cards and scanners signaled a move into the multimedia market. 
- BTC France established.
- BTC Europe was established in the Netherlands, serving as a hub for the European sales network.
- The newly founded BTC Korea began producing computer keyboards.
- Chung Li Factory opened.
- BTC USA founded.
- Wearnes Technology (Private) Limited, a Singaporean firm, began investing in BTC.
- In-house development produced the capacitance keyboard for computers.
- Company founded
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