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BTC成立於1982年。BTC已成為世界領先的專業LED燈製造商。 BTC憑藉在許多商業和工業應用中開發LED燈具的10多年經驗,進入了商業LED照明市場。 BTC持續專注於技術創新,並改善產品開發和質量以確保客戶滿意度。憑藉卓越的質量管理體系,BTC期待提供最高質量的產品和服務 。

Established in 1982. BTC has become a world leading professional LED lights manufacturer. BTC entered commercial LED lighting market with over 10 years of experience in development of LED fixtures for many commercial and industrial applications. BTC continuously focus on technology innovation, and improve product development and quality to ensure customer satisfaction. With superior quality management system, BTC looks forward to delivering products and services of the highest quality.