Mini Series 5139U / 5139H
  5139U / 5139H Mini keyboard
  Features :
- 5139 series are lightweight and low profile mini keyboard. While you are working on a busy desktop in limited spaces, it provides an ideal space-saving solution from being erected by the legs device.
- 5139 series are slim, measuring 20 mm thick and weighing less than 450 grams to highly portable. There are five inter-media hotkeys enhanced on 5139 series, including Internet Browser, Email, Sound Vol up, Sound Vol down, Play and Pause. 5139H have two high speed USB2.0 ports to connect more USB peripheral.
- Compact size saves desk space.
- Embedded with numerical keypad & Pen location design.
- Enhanced plug & play capability.
- 5139H have two USB2.0 high speed ports to connect more USB peripheral.

Key numbers 86/87 + 5 hot keys.
Switch activation mechanism membrane.
Hotkey Internet Browser / Email / Vol + / Vol - / Play and Pause.
Keyboard dimension 319(L) x 157(W) x 20(H) mm
Weight 450 g
Connector USB

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