DVD-ROM Driver & Firmware Download
Instructions for use:
A. Flash firmware for DOS mode:
* IDE interface Drive: Before Flash Procedure, please make sure the following:
1. Build a boot disk (floppy) on Windows 98.
2. Unzip the firmware to the other one floppy disk.
3. Boot to DOS mode, and change the firmware disc.
4. If connect the drive to Secondary IDE Channel / Master. Please type "A:> FL 3".
5. If connect the drive to Secondary IDE Channel / Slave. Please type "A:> FL 4".
6. When it flashes to 100%, then finish. And restart computer.
* Warning! Flash program can't use on DOS mode of Windows!
B. Flash firmware for Windows mode:
1. Please download the appropriate driver file you need from this page.
2. Run the flash program under Windows.
3. Click on the ¡uUpgrade¡vbutton under the flash program
4. ¡uStatus Upgrading¡vis starting to flash the F/W
5. After flashing, the system will appear ¡uComplete¡IPlease restart your computer¡v, then, restart your computer to finish the flash procedure.
1. BTC do not recommend you to upgrade your F/W, if the drive is working properly and does not encounter any irreclaimable problem issues.
2. BTC is not responsible for any defective reasons if the upgrading process caused the issue.
Speed Model Interface Firmware (Windows) Firmware (Dos) Driver (DOS)
Version Size Version Size File Size
16x BDV 316G IDE V0019 317KB N/A N/A 60KB
16x BDV 316E IDE V0060 305KB N/A N/A
16x BDV 316C IDE N/A N/A V0.20R 68.3KB
16x BDV 316B IDE N/A N/A V1.00 65KB
12x BDV 212B IDE N/A N/A V0.43 63.8KB
8x BDV 108A IDE N/A N/A N/A N/A
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