Optical Storage Device
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Internal Drive Speed Model Language File Name File Size
52X BCE5232IB English BCE5232IB-e 803 KB
BCE5232IA English BCE5232IA-e 601 KB
52XBCO5232IBEnglishBCO5232IB-e419 KB
BCO5216IB English BCO5216IB-e 814 KB
BCO5216IA English BCO5216IA-e 676 KB
48X BCO4816IA English BCO4816IA-e 595 KB
COMBO 52X BCO 5216IM English BCO5216IM-e 501KB
BCO 5232IM English BCO5232IM-e 488 KB
48X BCO 4816IM English BCO4816IM-e 604 KB
40X BCO 4016IM English BCO4016IM-e 580 KB
CD-RW 52X BCE 5224IM English BCE 5224IM-e 487 KB
BCE 5232IM English BCE5232IM-e 504 KB
48X BCE 4816IM English BCE 4816IM-e 489 KB
40X BCE 4012IM English BCE 4012IM-e 381 KB
DVD-ROM @16X@ BDV 316C English BDV316C-e 367 KB
BDV 316E English BDV316E-e 269 KB
CD-ROM 52X  F565E English French. German F565E-e 291 KB

External Drive Speed Model Language File Name File Size
DDS 8X DRW1108UB English DRW1108UB-e 289 KB
Slim COMBO 24X BCO 2408SU English BCO2408SU-e 311 KB
COMBO 52X BCO5232UI English BCO5232UI-e 395 KB
BCO5216UI English BCO 5216UI-e 455 KB
48X BCO4816UI English BCO4816UI-e 396 KB
CD-RW 52X BCE 5224UI English BCE5224UI-e 404 KB
BCE 5232UI English BCE5232UI-e 393 KB
48X BCE 4816UI English BCE4816UI-e 406 KB
40X BCP 8000 English BCP8000-e 319 KB

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