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  User Manual Quick Guide
Model Language File Name File Size Language File Name File Size
2001 / 9112 English 2001_9112 User's Guide v2.0 47K N/A
2001ARF English 2001ARF Manual v1.2 501K Multi-Language 2001ARF QG v1.1 1096K
2001BRF / 2001URF English 2001BRF_URF Manual v1.2 298K Multi-Language 2001BRF_URF QG v1.2 1420K
2003RF English 2003RF Manual v1.0 412K Multi-Language 2003RF QG v1.0 1370K
5100C English 5100C User's Guide 160K N/A
5106 / 5107 / 5126 / 5141 / 5197 / 5199 / 5201 / 9118 / 5121W / 5123S / 5123W / 5200T English PS/2 ACPI KB User's Guide v1.2 91K     N/A
5106UX N/A N/A
5107UX N/A N/A
5126H / 9001AH / 9118H English 5126H_9001AH_9118H User's Guide v1.0 135K N/A
5126T N/A N/A
5126UX N/A N/A
5211 N/A N/A
5207 N/A N/A
5207F N/A Multi-Language 5207F QG v1.0 417K
5301 N/A N/A
5306 N/A N/A
5307 N/A N/A
8180 N/A N/A
8190 / 8190A N/A Multi-Language 8190_90A QG v1.1 397K
8190URF N/A Multi-Language 8190URF QG v1.1 903K
8190UX N/A Multi-Language 8190UX QG v1.1 911K
8191 N/A Multi-Language 8191 QG v1.1 1028K
8192 N/A Multi-Language 8192 QG v1.1 438K
9000 / 9000A / 9001A English 9000_00A_01A User's Guide v1.1 39K N/A
9001ARF English 9001ARF Manual v1.4 533K Multi-Language 9001ARF QG v1.2 699K
9001AU   N/A   N/A
9001BRF English 9001BRF Manual v1.2 228K Multi-Language 9001BRF QG v1.2 1099K
9001URF English 9001URF Manual v1.3 200K Multi-Language 9001URF QG v1.3 1126K
9013RF English 9013RF Manual v1.1 320K Multi-Language 9013RF QG v1.1 934K
9110   N/A   N/A
9112H English 9112H User's Guide v1.1 202K N/A
9113 English 9113 User's Guide v1.0 45K N/A
9116 English 9116 User's Guide v1.0 42K N/A
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