01.Sealed Acoustic Noise Isolation Systemˇ]S.A.N.Iˇ^ 
02.Broken-Disc Flying Protectˇ]B.D.F.P.ˇ^ 
03.Vibration Absorbed Suspensionˇ]V.A.S.ˇ^ 
1.Sealed Acoustic Noise Isolation Systemˇ]S.A.N.Iˇ^
In today's digitized society, optical disc drives play a very important role. Like socks in shoes, optical disc drives in PCs are simply indispensable! As a medium to transfer or store important data files such as digital property, optical disc drives already have an irreplaceable key position.

In this era where time is money, everybody is looking for high speed and high efficiency. For data transferring and backup functions the rotation speed is therefore of the essence. Optical disc drives nowadays use high rotation speeds that average over 10.000 rotations per minute, which in comparison is significantly faster than rotations speeds used in other consumer goods. For example, a walkman runs at an average of 400 rotations per minute.

At these extremely high rotation speeds, the safety and stability of the optical disc drives become very important. Designing a safe and stable optical disc drive is a test of skills for every manufacturer, including BTC.

High quality products do not only require powerful functions and good features, but perhaps even more important is their compliance with the laws of ergonomics. A good example is noise cancellation technology. BTC has done a successful job in finding ways to prevent noise by adopting a special structure design. This technology is called Sealed Acoustic Noise Isolation System (SANI). During high rotation speeds it has the effect of damping the noise by isolating the source of the noise. At the same time it makes the structure stronger, effectively blocks out dirt and lessens vibration.

2.Broken-Disc Flying Protectˇ]B.D.F.P.ˇ^
During high rotation speeds vibration is unavoidable. The greatest sources of vibration in the drive are the spindle motor and the disc itself. Under these extreme circumstances, the possibility of an exploding disc cannot be excluded, especially if a substandard manufactured disc is used. In these cases, there may be a potentially dangerous situation for the end user. In order to prevent the pieces of disc from being hurtled out of the drive and hurting the end user, BTC's Broken Disc Flying Protect (BDFP) has been designed. It provides adequate protection by effectively blocking any objects from leaving the drive.

3. Vibration Absorbed Suspensionˇ]V.A.S.ˇ^
Vibration Absorbed Suspension (VAS) is another example of BTC's own developed structure design technology that can effectively reduce vibration. Implementation of VAS in optical disc drives running at high speed (5000~7000rpm), vibration can be reduced up to 1.2~1.3G. As a result, since vibration is related to noise as well, the noise level will also automatically be reduced (acoustic noise reduction).


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