BTC's BDV316C DVD-ROM Receives High Commendations from Chinese Information World Magazine
Chinese Information World Magazine awards BTC's BDV316B 2002 Editor's Choice for CD/DVD Products

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, JANUARY 22, 2003 V In 2002, the BDV316C is a high performing 16X DVD-ROM drive that meets all DVD reading needs. After being released into and thoroughly tested by the market, Chinese Computer IT Engineering Magazine reviewed the drive and has decided to give it their highest recognition.

The BDV316C is capable of reading DVD data at 16X speed and CD data up to 48X speed, and delivers optimum reading even with low reflectivity or defective media discs. Other features include:
P Quick data access
P Excellent media formats compatibility
P Good vibration resistance
P Low operation noise
P ATAPI-IDE/Ultra-DMA interface

The technology used to construct this drive features a detached suspension system, which allows minimum vibration during operation and noise reduction. It can read CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM and can even operate vertically. With reliability and performance, bundled with BTCs competitive pricing, the BDV316C is the top pick for DVD-ROM industry needs.

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