BTC 40X Combo Drive Goes on the Market   02/26/2003

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, FEB 26, 2003 - The BTC Combo Drive unites the functions of DVD and CD-RW drives. In other words, you need not install separate DVD and CD-RW drives to get the functions of both. Offering the best of both worlds, the Combo Drive allows you to watch, listen, and burn in one session. The BCO 4016 IM possesses a 16X DVD play function enabling you to enjoy high-resolution DVDs. As far as CD-RW functionality is concerned, it lets you read CDs at 40X speed, write at 40X, and re-write at 12X. It's obvious that this drive is your best partner for storing all kinds of information. Coming with burning software and a built-in 2MB buffer memory, it makes burning CDs a snap.

With an IDE/ATAPI interface, the drive is simple to install and supports many kinds of disk specifications. It is compatible with DVD, VCD, photo CD, and all kinds of data, music, photo, and movie files. This company has performed painstaking testing to insure that the drive is able to handle the majority of CD-R/RW disks on the market today. Besides the highest level of compatibility, it lets you burn CDs fast and delivers the best possible performance.

Are you debating whether to buy a CD-RW or a DVD drive? Wait no longer! The Combo Drive can meet all your needs in a single device.

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