BTC unveils wireless plans, diversifies into digital cameras, GPRS/GPS   03/07/2003

At this year's CeBIT show in Hanover, Germany, BTC will unveil many new exciting products, among which are quite a number of products based on RF and Bluetooth wireless technology. Besides showing off its new keyboards and mice, for which BTC is most renowned, BTC will also introduce its brand new line of digital cameras and GPRS and GSM based products.

As one of the world's top 3 input device manufacturers, BTC is one of the companies that is closely watched by insiders in the PC industry when defining new trends for the industry. With its own research and development team based in Taipei, Taiwan and its world class, ISO 9001/14001 certified production facilities in China, Taiwan and Korea, BTC's input device division (IDD) has a reputation in the PC industry for designing and manufacturing quality products with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Riding high on the current wave of popularity for wireless technology, BTC has successfully incorporated 27MHz RF technology into a new line of sleek keyboard and mouse designs that are sure to attract many consumers who are looking for products that show an ideal mix of elegance and functionality. A perfect example of a product that is sure to gain a lot of attention in this regard is the 8190URF keyboard and mouse desktop set.

The 8190URF set features dual channel 27MHz RF technology and an advanced optical mouse with high digital performance. Its radio frequency connection uses 256 different ID codes to prevent interference with similar devices, which sets it apart from many cheap RF desktop sets on the market. Furthermore, a total of 26 productivity and enhanced function keys provide instant access to your Office, Internet and Multimedia applications and to many functions within those applications. And last but not least, the 8190URF combines all these technical features with a sleek, modern day design.

Besides the 8190URF set, which is one of the top models in the new line of BTC input devices which are shown on the show, many more new interesting models for every price segment are shown. Needless to say, all of BTC's products are compatible with all major Windows operation system versions, including Windows XP and XP Pro.

A new line of very cost effective, entry level digital cameras will also be shown on this year's CeBIT show. Many of these products combine the functionality of a digital camera, PC camera, digital camcorder and voice recorder into one and again fashionable designs complement the functional aspects of these technologically advanced devices. Output resolutions vary from 350K to 2M, depending on the model.

Most surprising, however, will be this year's unveiling of BTC's GPRS and GPS technology based products ! The GPS-BOX Global Positioning Device (GPS) receiver box and a GPRS modem which connects to any PC or notebook through its USB2.0 interface are the most obvious examples, but perhaps more interesting is the shockproof AVL-310G Automatic Vehicle Locator device, which combines global positioning technology with a GSM phone device to enable consumers to track the location of for example a stolen car by using their GSM phone.

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