BTC's 52x CDRW Receives "Testwinner" in PC Go Magazine
BCE5224IM: Fast, Reliable, and Reasonably Priced
  PARIS, FRANCE, APRIL 27, 2003 - PCgo Magazine, a German computer periodical, gave the BCE5224IM, BTC's 52x CDRW, its highest marks when they put together a test of the market's top CD-RWs. PCgo based its tests on the following criteria: performance, error detection and detection, bundled contents, burn-in spin and practicality. The BCE5224IM received the highest total score of 82 points, being noted for its high speed and low price.

Among the pool of drives tested were LiteOn LTR-52246S, AOpen CRW5224, BenQ CRW5224P, CyberDrive CW099D, LG GCE-8520B, MSI CR52-A2, Mitsumi CR-487E TE, Sony CRX220A1, Teac CD-W552EK, Traxdata CDRW 522452 TX, and Waitec Storm 5. The LiteOnís LTR-52246S was the runner-up to the BCE5224IM because of slower speeds while burning.
With its advanced technology and performance quality, the BCE5224IM tops out all the competition. BTC's 52x24x52x CD-RW and future CD-RWs will continue to set the bar for the optical drive market.

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