DDS Technology - The Future of Digital Storage
Dual Digital Storage Combines CD/DVD Storage and Flash Card Storage
  TAIPEI, TAIWAN, JUNE 6, 2003 - CD and DVD media technology has crept its way into nearly every PC system. Alternatively, flash card technology has been gaining ground, with applications in many computer related products, such as digital cameras, PDAs, mobile storage drives, etc. Yet the two have always been on separate devices, forcing consumers to purchase and install two different components. In order to address this issue, Behavior Tech Computer (BTC) has recently announced that it has developed the technology to combine the two into a single device. Termed "Dual Digital Storage" (DDS) technology, it is the very first of its kind.

DDS technology lets you read and write CDs, DVDs, and flash memory cards all in one drive. The card reading capabilities will be able to read and write to seven different flash card formats: CompactFlashTM, MicroDriveTM, SmartMedia, Memory StickTM, Memory Stick ProTM, Secure DigitalTM, and MultimediacardTM. Thus, not only will the drive be compatible with many kinds of CD formats, DVD formats, but it will also be compatible with every type of flash card format currently on the market.

An optical storage drive with DDS technology will provide a valuable digital data pathway between CD/DVD media, flash cards, and your PC. Featured with true plug & play and hot swapping capability, you can easily view and edit digital images, files, music, and video directly on the dual digital storage drive. Its unique compact design allows the drive to be the same 5.25?size as any other CD or DVD drive, fitting in any standard PC case. BTC will be providing the DDS solution with CD-RW, COMBO, and DVD ReWriteable drives.

With the increasing flash card usage in digital devices such as MP3 players, digital video cameras, digital cameras, and PDA's, the need for DDS technology is becoming apparent. Look for this innovative and efficient technology to change the PC world.

About Behavior Tech Computer Corp. (BTC)

Established since 1982, BTC brings innovation, vision, and efficiency together to the computer components industry. In the early years, BTC aggressively engaged the market by manufacturing top quality keyboards, then moved into opto-electronic products. BTC relies on its creativity, technology, production capabilities, and international reach, priding itself in its two core businesses: optical storage devices and input devices. Amidst the rapidly changing high-tech industry, BTC remains a leader in the opto-electronics and keyboard industry and continues to revolutionize the world of computer components as we know it.

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