2005/11/10 BTC proudly receives Taiwan's 2004 export award  

BTC has entered the top 500 of outstanding Taiwanese trading company for the year 2004, and has proudly received notice of this on august 25, 2005 from Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs.... .... more

2005/09/27 M873U, the ideal gaming partner  

BTC's brand-new M873U is specifically designed with these high performance requirements in mind and is therefore the perfect choice for the avid gamer.... .... more

2005/07/05 Changing BTC moves aggressively into VoIP software and hardware business field  

BTC's VoIP solution iTELu ( "I Tell You" ) consists of products and services on every level of the VoIP infrastructure. The two defining features of this solution are its clear voice quality and excellent security protection.... .... more

2005/05/13 BTC introduces the 5545URF ultra high frequency wireless desktop  

BTC has designed the 5545URF keyboard and mouse set that combines many useful features. Most important among the many features are its long distance wireless operating range and its various useful hotkey areas, such as the ones for Internet and multimedia hotkeys..... .... more

2005/02/22 BTC 8193URF wireless deluxe Office desktop set  

At first glance the most striking features of BTC's new 8193URF wireless desktop set are its keyboard¡¦s fashionable, contrasting black and silver appearance and the sleek, ergonomically shaped design of its optical mouse.... .... more

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