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BTC puts users in control with latest input devices ¡V BTC 8193URF Keyboard & M993 Mouse Set

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 ¡V Behavior Tech Computer (BTC), a leading computer peripherals manufacturer, held a large-scale exhibition at the Taipei International Computer Show (Computex) displaying the latest designs and technology in the market today. Proving true to their name, BTC¡¦s R&D studies into the behavior and needs of certain types of users have resulted in great products that put an extraordinary level of control into the hands of those users.

Their imaginative designs include for example a new line of wireless keyboard and mouse sets for gamers and Office power users, an Ergonomic Optical Mouse and a Wireless Optical Office mouse with a unique rechargeable cradle. For the fashion conscious user BTC has made a cool back-lit keyboard and for the space-constrained user a beautiful slim keyboard has been designed.

One of the premier wireless keyboards introduced on the show was the BTC 8193URF Deluxe Wireless Office Keyboard. Targeted at demanding power Office users, this 27MHz RF wireless set provides instant 1-button access to virtually any function or application the user requires, whether it be function keys for easy access to Office, Internet keys, Multimedia keys, Application keys or Clipboard functions. On top of these extensive arrays of keys, this keyboard also provides the unique BTC Wizard key which turns the F-keys of the 8193URF into another row of useful Office function keys. Combined with a sleek design and a plug-n-play USB interface, the old PC slogan of ¡§information at your fingertips¡¨ has never sounded more true than with the new BTC 8193URF !

With its sturdy looks and built-in joystick annex mouse, the wirelessly operated 9019URF is sure to entice many a user who handles their keyboard in the way couch potatoes use their remote control. Especially hardened gamers will like the dark look and feel of this ¡§off-the-road¡¨ styled USB device, with its handlebars on left and right sides and easy access to the often used multimedia and internet keys. The 2 channel 27MHz RF ensures that your freedom of operation is never hampered by the type of interference that used to make Infrared wireless keyboard users red with frustration.

When freedom of operation is the goal, the brand new BTC M993 Deluxe Ergo Wireless Office Mouse surely delivers! Like the 9019URF set, it uses a USB interface and 2-channel 27MHz wireless RF technology to provide ultimate freedom of movement. Furthermore, a high precision optical sensor and a total of 5 buttons (some of them programmable) enable accurate cursor control and fast and easy web surfing. What sets this mouse apart from all the other mice on the market, however, are its rechargeable batteries and a unique Rechargeable Mouse Cradle which is basically a receiver, mouse recharger, and a charger for two standard AA rechargeable batteries, all combined into one device, ensuring problemless operation for years to come.

BTC 8193URF KB + Mouse Set Features:


* Deluxe Wireless RF 8193 USB Office keyboard 
* Deluxe Wireless M993 Ergo Optical USB Office Mouse 
* 27MHz Radio Frequency Technology, 2 channels with 255 ID or more 
* Interface: PS/2 and USB Combo ( USB + PS/2 )
* Providing instant hotkeys for Office, Internet, Multimedia, Application and Clipboard 
BTC M993 Features:
* Ergo RF Optical Office mouse, USB Combo ( USB + PS/2 ) Interface
* 27MHz 2 channels / 255 ID or more 
* Channel & ID changed by single button 
* 5 keys (including a scroll wheel ) with Office key
* New rechargeable mouse cradle with voltage safety control 
* Rechargeable battery bay
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