BTC starts shipping world's fastest external CDRW/DVD-ROM Combo drive (BCO 5216UI)   12/08/2003
  Behavior Tech Corporation (BTC), renowned all over the world for producing leading edge optical drives, has recently started shipping the fastest external CDRW/DVD-ROM combo drive in the world, the BCO 5216UI

BTC's 52X speed BCO 5216UI external optical drive is currently the only drive of its kind in the world which uses a high precision read/write optical head which features a unique laser positioning mechanism. This socalled "tilt control" mechanism considerably improves the stability and accuracy of reading or writing data to/from the media. Furthermore, the BCO 5216UI also employs the MTK Superlink buffer underrun error prevention technology, which enables data to be written in an accurate and steady flow even under the harshest conditions, allowing for fast, reliable, high quality backing up of your precious data and problemless playback of your CDs or DVDs.

The BCO 5216UI's high speed USB2.0 interface allows the user to connect his drive swiftly and easily to either desktop or notebook computers, providing a high level of comfort and compatibility both during installation and operation of this technological marvel. The drive reads and writes data at speeds of up to 52X for CDs and reads DVDs up to 16X.

Anyone looking for an ultra fast data backup solution with DVD playback functionality that is easily ported from one PC to the other can't go wrong with this optical juggernaut, BTC's BCO 5216UI.

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