Digital Omnivore: 52 speed 7-in-1 Card Reader CDRW/DVD Super Combo Drive   12/19/2003
After the successful introduction of the BCO 4816IA, the first model in its all new Dual Digital Storage optical product series, in July 2003, BTC has been at the center of international media attention. After receiving rave reviews for this card reader / CD rewriter / DVD reader super combo drive, now an even faster model has been released! 

The new BCO 5216IA, like its slower brother, combines the triple functionalities of a 7-in-1 digital memory card reader, a 52X CDRW drive and a 16X DVD-ROM drive, all combined into one standard sized, half height optical drive. 

BTC's optical combo drives are currently the only drives of its kind in the world which uses a high precision read/write optical head which features a unique laser positioning mechanism. This so-called "tilt control" mechanism considerably improves the stability and accuracy of reading or writing data to/from the media. 

Furthermore, the BCO 5216IA also employs the MTK Superlink buffer underrun error prevention technology, which enables data to be written in an accurate and steady flow even under the harshest conditions, allowing for fast, reliable, high quality backing up of your precious data and flawless playback of your CDs or DVDs. 

Another unique feature that is implemented in this drive is the in-house developed 7-point Double Suspension Anti-Vibration system which minimizes vibration and noise, ensuring silent and steady operation even at the highest RPM speeds. 

The design of this Dual Digital Storage drive also provides maximum safety to the user and fully protects against potentially dangerous parts of the CD from being catapulted out of the drive when unstable CDs are accidentally used.

The card reader part, which connects to the PC mainboard's internal USB connector, is fully compatible with all 7 popular memory card formats that are often used in digital cameras, MP3 players and other fashionable digital devices: Compact Flash, Micro Drive, Smart Media, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Secure Digital and Multimedia Card. The CDRW part writes data to recordable CD's at the maximum 52X, rewritable CD's at up to 24X. And last but not least, the DVD reader part reads DVD-ROM discs at up to 16X. Naturally, playback of DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) media is also supported. 

So no matter if you want to playback, copy, edit, backup or burn data from/to your memory cards or optical media, the BCO 5216IA Dual Digital Storage device is up to the task, faithfully recording your digital life's every step of the way.


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