BTC 9019URF Wireless Keyboard for Game   2004/02/18

9019 URF Keyboard Outlook
With the specialization of computer games, there grows more and more game players. Moreover, there are many professional game competition held around the world, thus BTC pay much attention on this on-line game market and introduce our new 9019URF Wireless Keyboard for game for all the on-line game players.

The most unique outlook of BTC 9019URF wireless keyboard for game is the"holders" on the both sides, and this creative design is to make users operate this keyboard easily no matter on couch or stand around. This keyboard only weights 0.9Kgs, the wireless distance can reach at least 3M.

Left: Wireless design makes the operation is more easily. (Wireless distance can reach at least 3M.) Right: Dual Mode Joystick Mouse.

The other unusual style of this wireless keyboard is the"Dual Mode Joystick Mouse" design for game. The idea of"Joystick" is according to control buttons in the most popular game. When playing the racing game, or flying-shooting game, or some fictitious fighting games, the player can use only this"Dual Mode Joystick Mouse" to control the direction very smoothly. However, not only"Joystick" function, this 9019URF keyboard also provides"Mouse" when pressing"Fn+F11" to switch this two functions. When switching to"Mouse" mode, this joystick can also have the same functions as a normal are: mouse left button, mouse right button, scroll wheelˇK and so one.

Low Profile Keycaps type

Besides, this 9019URF wireless keyboard for game passes the test by group of game players. The keycap material is made of superior ABS plastic & high elasticity membrane, and this can assure the strike from the players. This can lengthen the usage of this keyboard by sustain more than 15 million times strike. The design of the key hat is adapted from notebook super-thin design (only 1/2 height as normal key). The noiseless design can also be used in office.

There are a row of hotkeys on the top of the keyboard. These 13 hotkeys are designed for Internet & Multimedia functions. For example, Web page refresh, receiving & sending e-mails, play & pause CD-ROM playing, volume control, etc. It is as easy as using remote control at home. 9019URF keyboard also uses the most popular USB interface, and this is so convenient for no matter installing or removing. 

BTC 9019URF wireless keyboard is definitely the"best match" for all the game players. By using this keyboard, all the users can enjoy the on-line world more delightful with his own"soul mate" and being everybodyˇ¦s focus.

Something about BTC:
BTC now is the main keyboard supplier on PC market in world (is list in Top 100 marketing company in Taiwan), and always giving our customers high quality input device like keyboard & mouse. We are the leading manufacturer in PC peripheral market by satisfying customersˇ¦ fully requirements, and providing products that are perfect and appended. In present, there are"Input Device Division" &"Optical Storage Division" under BTC business group. Besides, we also have product factory in China, Korea, and French, and have many branch offices all over the world to match diversify and difference marketing development. If more products related information is needed, please go to


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