New BTC 6300 Series Ultra-Slim Multimedia Keyboard   2004/04/16
  The current wave of stylish LCD panels that are flooding the PC market represent a significant trend among users towards a desktop that is marked by light, slim, small and ergonomically designed items. BTC's brand new ultra-slim multimedia keyboard, the 6300 series, fits perfectly in that trend! Its fashionable looks and high typing comfort provide an ideal match with any modern day PC or monitor.

6300 series silver keyboard

Ultra-slim design and dual tone color scheme matches any silver PC case

The BTC 6300 series keyboard design's flowing lines give it its unique, fashionable look and the ideal fusion between the so-called "scissor type"  mechanical structure which is mostly used in notebook keyboards, and a standard desktop keyboard layout, provide the keyboard its ultra low profile¡]keyboard lowest height is only 0.8cm¡^, its high typing comfort, and silent operation (patented technology). The "scissor type"  structure is currently the most advanced key switch technology which offers a more comfortable typing experience than traditional keyboard switch structures and at the same time provides a higher resilience that is sure to last up to at least 10.000.000 keystrokes!

The clever "scissor type"  mechanical design requires only a very low actuation force and provides a comfortable and silent typing experience

Fashionable shiny hotkeys

Traditional keyboard layout eliminates the need to change your typing habits

Foot stand design ensures a comfortable typing angle

As notebook PC users will acknowledge, notebook type keyboards usually require designs that compromise on the layout in favor of small size and portability. On the other side, notebook keys are more silent and require only very low actuation force, thus providing a comfortable feel that cannot be matched by any desktop keyboard. BTC's 6300 series ultra-slim keyboard has it all! Its unique fusion of notebook PC structure with a traditional layout provides the best of both worlds. Furthermore, the 6300 series use silk screen printing technology that allow for clear and easily distinguishable characters, both in the main key area as well as in the hotkey area on top of the keyboard. The hotkeys of the 6300 series keyboard, which are clad in a beautiful silver colored shiny finish, include 7 multimedia hotkeys, 5 internet hotkeys and 1 sleep key for instant access of often used functions.
In summary, the 6300 series keyboard is sure to entice many end users who are looking for that perfect match for their LCD panel, providing a unique combination of functionality, comfort and high class contemporary design. 

Something about BTC:
Behavior Tech Computer Corporation (BTC) was established as a keyboard manufacturer in 1982 in Taipei, Taiwan. With 2002 revenues topping the US$320M mark, BTC is now a multi-national, world class optical storage and input device manufacturer with factories in Taiwan, China and Korea and branch offices and logistics support centers in Asia, Europe and the USA. BTC directly employs upwards of 5000 people worldwide.

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