BTC launching own brand products with EMPA in middle east   2004/05/06
BTC has signed up EMPA to distribute BTC branded products in the Middle East. EMPA was chosen due to the wide regional coverage its distribution channel provides and success with other vendors, including Intel and Microsoft. 

BTC has been present in the Middle East for some time by means of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) licensing agreements, but has now decided to also market products through the BTC brand name.

"We have worked hard in the Middle East for several years and been successful in local OEM projects since 2003. Our quality is highly recognized by users and partners in this region. For the coming future we will keep on supporting our OEM partners. But it's time to introduce users to the synonym of professionalism, BTC brand products," said Tosca Lin, BTC's Middle East account manager. "We are looking for product diversity and a partner such as BTC, which is willing to work with EMPA in marketing. We are confident that we can meet the goals set by BTC through our strong channel and the full support of our channel partners," commented Savas Yucedag, sales and marketing manager for EMPA. (

With BTC's range including popular devices like digital cameras, EMPA is set to add new product categories to its line-up, boosting growth and margins, while BTC has chosen a distributor with a proven track record for selling its branded optical goods, reasons enough for what should be a successful partnership for both companies.

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