BTC 9128CRF Office wireless desktop release announcement   2004/09/01
  In the wake of the latest developments in PC software applications, which provide more functionality than ever before, the choice of the right keyboard to give easy access to these functions has become more important. The key ingredients for such a keyboard are an abundance of hotkeys to provide one-touch access to the various functions, thus minimizing the number of necessary mouse clicks, and a matching ergonomic design to lessen the typing strain on the user. BTC's latest 9128CRF wireless Office multimedia keyboard and mouse set has been designed with just those ingredients in mind and definitely lives up to office users' expectations!

The 9128CRF wireless Office keyboard is draped in an eye-catching silver blue color scheme with a matching armrest on which users can comfortably rest their hands while typing. The 9128CRF features 4 main function key areas including Office, internet, multimedia and enhanced function hotkeys, and a matching 800dpi optical mouse completes this ergonomic set.

The alphanumeric input area of the 9128CRF has a milky white design and features wear-resistant characters which are carved into the keys with a strong laser. Furthermore, the ergonomic design places each row of keys in a different, carefully crafted angle, all the way down to the lowest row of keys which slopes down smoothly onto the armrest. This design makes sure that the user's hands are automatically placed in natural, non-straining fashion to provide comfortable and accurate typing.

(Ergonomic down sloping design) (Multimedia hotkey area)

By pressing the F key in the left upper corner the whole row of F1-F12 and Prtscr keys gives access to a whole range of extra Office keys which includes functions like Return, Forward, Send, Print etc. Because these extra function keys give the user even more power to directly access certain functions in his application software that would normally require complex multi-level mouse button clicks and movements, the user's work efficiency will be raised considerably!

(Receiver and mouse)  (Scroll wheel design)

The top of the keyboard features 4 internet application hotkeys, 4 multimedia hotkeys and also buttons to instantly open Word, Excel, Power Point etc. applications.

The matching mouse allows for highly accurate and reliable movements through its high precision optical 800dpi sensor and features newly designed buttons for forward and backward browsing besides the usual left and right click buttons and ribbed scroll wheel. The receiver for the mouse shows off its refined appearance with a transparent, almost crystal-like connection button!

In summary, the BTC 9128CRF Office keyboard and mouse set, with its refined and exquisite design, its comfortable typing experience, its abundance of efficiency enhancing hotkey areas and USB/PS2 combo connector has all the powerful features that make it an indispensable tool for office users and that make it possible to take control of his/her work in an unprecedented way.(NOT AVAILABLE IN EUROPE) 

Product features:
- Optical wireless mouse with scroll wheel.
- Scroll wheel includes ribs for optimal friction during turning.
- One button for page forward and another one for page backwards right next to the scroll wheel.
- Multimedia interface module features 5 buttons and 2 volume buttons.
- One touch access to Internet, E-mail and MS-Office applications.
- Streamlined receiver with one touch synchronization button.
- 27MHz Radio Frequency technology.
- Minimum of 2 meters operating distance for keyboard and 1 meter for mouse.

Something about BTC:
BTC now is the main keyboard supplier on PC market in world (is list in Top 100 marketing company in Taiwan), and always giving our customers high quality input device like keyboard & mouse. We are the leading manufacturer in PC peripheral market by satisfying customers'fully requirements, and providing products that are perfect and appended. In present, there are "Input Device Division" & "Optical Storage Division" under BTC business group. Besides, we also have product factory in China, Korea, and French, and have many branch offices all over the world to match diversify and difference marketing development. If more products related information is needed, please go to

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