BTC announces new 6300CL backlit keyboard   2004/10/07
  Nowadays, PCs are increasingly being used inside people's homes and other non-work related areas where the background lighting is often less than ideal. At the same time, PCs and related peripherals are becoming more and more lifestyle products whose fashionable looks are also becoming increasingly important. In order to fulfill these types of users' requirements BTC has designed the 6300CL backlit keyboard. More than any other product this keyboard shows off BTC's designing skills, with its ultra slim shape and a soft-blue luminescent light emanating through its transparent backlit keycaps.

(6300CL keyboard under low background light conditions)

The BTC 6300CL keyboard, which features a pearl-like glossy surface, uses so-called scissor type keys which are often used in notebook keyboards and which enable the outside appearance of the keyboard to be ultra slim and thus form a perfect match with any LCD monitor. The patented ultra low height and low noise key technology lowers the keyboard's height to a mere 0.8cm in the slimmest part of the keyboard. Due to the key structure typing on the 6300CL ultra slim keyboard is much more comfortable and smooth compared with traditional keyboard due to its better responsiveness and flexibility. The advanced scissor-like structure is extremely durable with an expected lifespan of up to 10 million keystrokes! Despite the slim appearance of the keyboard, advanced structural design makes sure that bending is out of the question. 

Fashionable shiny hotkeys Ultra-slim design

The legend on the keycaps of the BTC 6300CL ultra slim keyboard is crisp and clear through the use of silk screen printing technology and key alignment is ergonomic and straightforward. The top of the keyboard features several handy hotkey areas, such as 7 multimedia hotkeys, 5 internet hotkeys and a sleep button. By using the F10+ESC key combination the backlight can be toggled on/off. Also, if the user doesn't key in anything during 3 minutes, the backlight will be automatically shut off in order to increase the lifespan of the backlightĄ]this luminescent light has an average lifespan of up to 3000 hoursĄ^. 

In summary, the BTC 6300CL's unique combination of a silent and comfortable typing experience on one hand and a sleek design featuring a cool soft-blue luminescent backlit appearance on the other are sure to enchant many end users who are looking for style and convenience, no matter if they will be using the keyboard during the day or at night!

Something about BTC:
Behavior Tech Computer Corporation (BTC) was established as a keyboard manufacturer in 1982 in Taipei, Taiwan. With 2002 revenues topping the US$320M mark, BTC is now a multi-national, world class optical storage and input device manufacturer with factories in Taiwan, China and Korea and branch offices and logistics support centers in Asia, Europe and the USA. BTC directly employs upwards of 5000 people worldwide.

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