BTC 9019URF wireless multimedia keyboard receives PC2000 Editor's Choice Award   2004/11/04
  Once again BTC's 9019URF has received positive feedback from the international media! After recently being praised in a special report on game keyboards on the authoritative Tom's Hardware Guide website, this time Taiwan's premier magazine PC2000 has awarded this remarkable wireless keyboard / mouse / joystick ensemble with its Editor's Choice Award in their September issue.

The so-called Digital Home platform, in which the PC is used as the center of home entertainment (media center), is increasingly breaking ground in the international arena. 
The 9019URF's design was tailor-made to this concept, where consumers can remote control their PC and enjoy watching their favorite video files or digital photographs, listen to digitized music files or play games, all in the comfort of their own living room. 

The review in the PC2000 magazine featured 10 different wireless keyboards from various companies. During the test the BTC 9019URF's outstanding 27MHz wireless technology managed to achieve an effective operating distance of up to 5.1m (!) which was far more than the other rival products could reach. Furthermore, the 9019URF's unique handle bar design, which allows you to operate the keyboard comfortably while balancing it on your lap, earned it a maximum of 10 out of 10 points for usability comfort! The typing comfort of the 9019URF's high-endurance keys got a whopping 9 out of 10 points. Also the easily accessible internet and multimedia hotkey areas were positively received by the reviewers.

But what really set the 9019URF apart from the pack was its excellent 2-in-1 joystick/mouse design. The Digital Home requires not only keyboard and mouse functions to remotely browse and play files or surf the internet, but also joystick functionality to allow consumers to play games on their TV sets the way the games were meant to be played! Only the 9019URF provides this functionality.

Combining the functionality of a keyboard, a mouse and a joystick all into one wireless device, the 9019URF is the perfect companion for any multimedia PC, whether it is used in the living, playing or working environment. 

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