Europe's Leading Computer Magazine "Chip" of Hungary Gives BTC the Best Buy Award for the 8190A Smart Office Keyboard   11/13/2003
Behavior Tech Computer Corp. (BTC), one of the top three input device provider and manufacturer in the world, received the Best Buy Award for the 8190A Smart Office Keyboard from Chip PC Magazine. This award was based on the following factors: design (30%), layout (20%), performance (30%) and extras (20%).

Please see below for a brief translation of the review of this BTC keyboard by Chip magazine.


" BTC 8190 and 8190A Smart Office Keyboard (awarded with CHIP TIPP) – In addition to several bonus keys, these two BTC keyboards are very useful, reliable and are sound peripherals. The two types differ in the cursor control: The 8190 has a stick mouse-like joystick which does not roll but moves the cursor, whereas the 8190A contains a scrolling wheel in the same location. The cursor control is surround by four hot keys. It takes a little getting used to the special functions such as the F keys, because they are in located in the F1-F12 key positions, so Alt- F4 key combination does not close the programs when the Office Hot Key functions are turned on. Fortunately, you can toggle this function by pressing the Office key and it will switch back to normal function."

The 8190A Smart Office keyboard has multiple Office functions, so users can easily access 26 quick keys, which enhance usage of Microsoft Office, internet, and multimedia applications. The clipboard is accessed through one-touch hot keys, and the modern shape and careful design brings you a pleasant feel and comfort at your fingertips.

BTC not only has dedicated its best efforts at advanced input device research and innovative product development, but it also aggressively offers the total wireless optical solutions to our customers, in the future, bluetooth technology. The imaginative BTC designs include a new line of wireless keyboard and mouse sets for PC gamers and Office users, an ergonomic Optical Mouse, and a Wireless Optical Office mouse with a unique rechargeable cradle. When style is a key factor, BTC has designed a trendy back-lit keyboard. Also, for the space-constrained user, a beautiful slim keyboard has been designed. BTC is your best choice for your input device partner. 

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