BTC 8193URF wireless deluxe Office desktop set   2005/02/22
  At first glance the most striking features of BTC's new 8193URF wireless desktop set are its keyboard's fashionable, contrasting black and silver appearance and the sleek, ergonomically shaped design of its optical mouse. Exuding craftsmanship and inventiveness, this deluxe Office keyboard and mouse combination once more raises the bar in convenience and comfort through its wireless technology, numerous shortcut key areas and ergonomic design features, making it a love at first sight for any office or home user alike.

The BTC 8193 deluxe Office keyboard, besides having the usual basic alphanumeric and numeric key areas, is equipped with an extensive range of specialized shortcut button areas which provide an unprecedented level of convenience to the user. The shortcut button areas include Office application keys, internet shortcut keys, application keys, multimedia hotkeys and cut/paste keys. On the keyboard's left side you'll find a unique scrolling wheel which functions in the same way as the mouse scrolling wheel, thus allowing convenient up/down scrolling in your browser or other applications while your right hand operates other mouse functions simultaneously. This unique combination provides both more comfort as well as raising overall efficiency. To top it off, the keyboard features a delicate material finish and a wide armrest design for effective long-term wrist protection.

Matching perfectly with the 8193URF keyboard's look and feel, its silver colored mouse has been specifically designed for right hand users. Its ergonomically shaped design and 800DPI (dots per inch) high precision, high resolution optical sensor make this mouse the perfect partner for any user, in any application.

Installation of the 8193URF desktop set is a breeze! Its wireless receiver allows real plug-n-play functionality through its USB interface which connects to your PC by a generous 1.5m (approx. 5 feet) cable. Furthermore, there is no need to manually setup the wireless connection, because the receiver automatically connects to both the keyboard and the mouse right out of the box! Its robust wireless protocol supports up to 4 million unique ID tags to enable it to function flawlessly and reliably even in the most complex wireless network environments. 

Consumers looking for a keyboard and mouse set that combines functionality with style need to look no further. The 8193URF desktop set provides just that and much more! Loaded with powerful, efficiency enhancing features, ergonomically shaped and handsomely designed, this BTC herald of spring forms an irresistible combination that will set the tone in the world of input devices for the foreseeable future!

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