Changing BTC moves aggressively into VoIP software and hardware business field   2005/07/05
  July 05, 2005. After having worked long and hard on establishing a foothold in the optical drive business, Behavior Tech Computer (BTC) will this year vigorously extend its feelers deep into the network communications field. After recently expanding into the Personal Media Player (PMP), BTC have now officially entered the promising VoIP (Voice Over IP) business field. With new production lines in position on which several different types of network communications related products are being mass-produced, BTC is showing strong confidence in the technology and market prospects for VoIP solutions. With plans to manufacture both hard and software solutions for each segment of the VoIP market, BTC is aiming for a leading role as a turnkey supplier of information technology, providing VoIP solutions for both businesses and consumers.

BTC's VoIP solution iTELu ( "I Tell You" ) consists of products and services on every level of the VoIP infrastructure. The two defining features of this solution are its clear voice quality and excellent security protection. Through its effective use of the network system's resources iTELu technology ensures smooth transfers of sound and images and at the same time provides optimal protection against potential security threats. BTC has under development complete solutions that fulfill the requirements of each segment of the VoIP market in order to provide professional solutions for both business and individuals such as PIC2 and NGN (Next Generation Network) servers, software phone, etc.

The iTELu technology solutions provide the following 4 benefits:

1.Provides a reliable and highly secure interference-free environment
Protects against unknown programs, effectively decreases viruses and worms from consuming or damaging computer system resources and provides immediate protection at the PC terminal side

2.High performance VoIP gateway firewall
Through the voice service system server's firewall protection it uses ACL-On Demand system processing voice packets, which effectively protects against hackers entering the system and which lowers system burden, thus ensuring smooth and unhindered network traffic.

3.Strengthens VoIP network service quality
Supports SIP, H.323, MGCP etc., VoIP communication protocols, uses the unique NSRUM management system (Network System Resources Usage Management) which can distribute resources over different server platforms, thus optimally exploiting each system's specialty while lessening the chances of network traffic jams occurring

4.Raises VoIP internal performance and reliability
Provides STUN/TURN switchable server types in a NAT inter-platform structure, which decreases the risk of losing connection in a Peer-to-Peer session and which increases inter-platform communication, strengthens security protection and simultaneously heightens the communication service quality (QoS: Quality of Service)

Currently the number of internet telephone users is already more than 20 million worldwide. Because of the possibility to immediately transfer speech and other data, it's ease of use, low cost and high security the internet phone has gradually become a very popular modern communication tool and is replacing the traditional PSTN telephone lines.

Anticipating the coming wave of next generation network (NGN) products; BTC is confident that by dedicating R&D and production lines to this growING market, they will move step by step into the realm of network communications. Therefore, BTC will be able to offer a high performance and cost effective concept for both businesses and consumers alike, to become a world leading VoIP network communication solutions supplier.

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