M873U, the ideal gaming partner 2005/09/27
The recent worldwide proliferation of computer gaming, especially the extremely popular online gaming has transformed the PC mouse into an increasingly important tool for gamers! Gamer use the PC mouse to hone their combat skills and enables them to literally lift their fighting performance to a higher level. An avid gamer will carefully choose a mouse that matches or even exceeds his/her personal responsiveness and precision abilities. BTC's brand-new M873U is specifically designed with these high performance requirements in mind and is therefore the perfect choice for the avid gamer!
M873U gaming mouse

2000 dpi super sensitive gaming mouse
At the core of the M873U is the highly acclaimed Accusense® high-resolution optical sensor that meets the gamer community・s high requirements for surface tracking. As a result, the M873U works perfectly on any desktop surface such as marble (stone), ceramic, metal etc. and provides a tracking performance on these types of surfaces that is at least 40% better than general optical mice.

In the hugely popular FPS (First Person Shooter) games, the resolution and agility of the mouse plays a very important role because it is often necessary to make precise and rapid movements when avoiding an enemy or when staging a counterattack, etc. Because the optimal resolution is highly dependant on the mission at hand, the M873U is equipped with easily adjustable resolution buttons on either side of the scroll wheel that allow gamers to change the mouse resolution at any time during game play between 2,000dpi, 1000dpi and 500dpi. Monitoring the current resolution is very easy as it is shown onscreen :real time; in the bottom right bottom corner.

Resolution adjustment switch

Programmable hotkey

Designed to upgrade gamers・ efficiency
Another major concern for gamers is the grip of the mouse. The BTC M873U has an ergonomically shaped symmetrical design with two programmable buttons for ease-of-use and high efficiency. Furthermore, to ensure a firm grip even under the most demanding in-game circumstances, the mouse side grips are clad in a :soft touch; paint that provides antislip characteristics to even the sweatiest of gamer palms. Finally, the weight of the M873U is a mere 105g, thus providing optimal agility when it is most needed.

The M873U・s scroll wheel surface design is based on the same concept that is used in the design of racecar tires! The :tire marks; on the scrolling wheel provide optimal stability and anti-slip functionality thus ensuring an extremely comfortable and steady feel and performance for the gamer.

On the cosmetic side, the M873U also stands out among its competitors. Its 3D painted surface not only provides a unique and distinctive look but also removes the :fading; problem often seen in ordinary painted mice. The M873U・s special paint will ensure a long lasting, unique glossy finish that will give even the most demanding gamer pride of ownership. The M873U・s foot padding is made of Teflon® to minimize desktop friction and provide lightning quick response to hand movement. The extra long 1.8m cable is more flexible than those of standard mice to provide ultimate freedom of movement for the demanding gamer.

The M873U gaming mouse comes in one of the following 4 distinct colors: steel gray, flaming red, treasure blue or emerald green. Therefore, if you are looking for a highly precise, extremely agile, professional gaming class mouse with killer looks, then look no further than the BTC M873U! The M873U with its outstanding features and looks is a real winner V let its performance and looks make you a winner! The game is on, so get in on the action with the BTC M873U gaming mouse!

Product specifications:

  • Resolution: 2,000dpi ultra high resolution (can be adjusted to 1000/500dpi at will) 
  • Image processing capability: 5.8 million pixels/sec. 
  • Scanning frequency: 6400Hz 
  • Maximum movement speed: 40 inch/sec. 
  • Plug-n-Play USB connector 
  • Mouse weight: 105g
  • 1.8M long lightweight, flexible cable
  • Mouse dimensions: 119(L) mm X 69(W)mm X 40(H)mm
  • CD driver included
  • Luxurious packaging

Something about BTC:
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