9029URFIII Press Release for Computex2006   2006/05/10

Media Center PC and Home Theater PCs continue to proliferate in the home environment. This increasing usage model has challenged BTC to develop innovative wireless peripheral products. This usage model centered at the "living room sofa" requires that product offer the convenience of wireless technology with additional innovative features that complement and enhance the media center experience. To meet the convenience and freedom user requirements as well others, BTC has designed the 9029URFIII keyboard.

BTC's 9029URF III 2.4GHz wireless MCE (Media Center Edition) USB keyboard gives you three functions in a compact and sleek form factor - a keyboard, a mouse and an MCE remote! The 9029URF III has a very low profile and is very compact. It has 16 hotkeys that enable you to easily and conveniently control your TV and multimedia functions. The 9029URF III, with its built-in pointing device/mouse and remote control functions, gives you the freedom to remotely control your Media Center PC. You get the freedom to sit on the couch or anywhere in your living room and have the ability to interact with your MCE PC - No wires - just the 9029URF III making using your MCE PC simple and enjoyable. The 9029URF III 2.4GHz wireless keyboard gives you the freedom to be up to 10M away from your MCE PC and still be able to interact with it. The 9029URF III is an extremely comfortable yet durable keyboard with excellent tactile feedback in a sleek, ergonomic design. The 9029URF III TRULY empowers you to ˇ§Command your Media Center PC from the comfort of your sofaˇ¨.

Whether you are looking at the 9029URF III's sleek, modern appearance, its excellent MCE functionality or its powerful wireless technology, in each of these aspects the 9029URFIII is a real winner and is sure to entice many users at the upcoming Computex 2006 show in Taipei, where the 9029URFIII will be on display.

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