BTC announces new and exciting Internet products at Computex 2006   2006/05/24

Recent breakthroughs in Internet communication technology have created a new communication alternative íV Internet Telephony or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol or Voice over IP). VoIP Internet Telephony is being adopted at a fast pace and is quickly becoming an indispensable communication tool. The success and adoption rate of VoIP Internet Telephony is due to its high quality, user-friendly features, and cost savings over standard telephone service.

BTC, known for its innovative company culture, has in 2006 entered the VoIP market with the introduction of several product lines. Current products include:
  • Enterprise Class VoIP Server (IP PBX)
  • Home and Enterprise Class VoIP Gateways
  • Internet Telephone Software with Video Conferencing capability
  • Headset and web cam accessories
  • Enterprise Class Firewall
  • Bluetooth based handset and base station products
  • BTC's goal is to provide products and solutions for both businesses and home users at different levels, such as: 

1.VoIP Server
The MCP-A01 is an enterprise class VoIP server for BTC's iTelU platforms. It is a high performance expandable architecture platform. The MCP-A01 server allows an enterprise to develop a robust VoIP platform. Its features allows for system configuration, instant messaging, user registration, video conferencing with reservation etc. The platform allows the use of the original phone system and with out dialing to worldwide locations with cost savings over traditional PSTN systems. The MCP-A01 is fully compatible with PSTN phone systems and with VoIP networks. The MCP-A01 supports SIP (RFC3261 & RFC2543) protocol, supports simultaneous voice/data communication, supports echo cancellation and noise control, and supports network management.

2.iTelU VoIP gateway products
For home users, BTC offers the iPX-002 VoIP gateway. The iPX-002 is fully compatible with PSTN phone systems, with wired or wireless PSTN telephones and with VoIP networks. It supports SIP and 802.3 protocols, is PnP capable, provides echo cancellation and noise control, and supports simultaneous voice and data communication.
For business users, BTC offers the iPX-108 VoIP gateway. The iPX-008 features clear signal quality, user-friendly features, and excellent expandability. It is fully compatible with PSTN phone systems, with wired or wireless PSTN telephones and with VoIP networks. The iPX-002 gateway can be integrated fast and easily with any telephone system to communicate with network servers around the world, allowing you to save considerably on your telephone fees. It supports SIP (RFC3261 & RFC2543) and IEEE802.3 protocols and use G168 Echo and noises control design. The iPX-002 also supports simultaneous voice and data communication.

3.Professional network communication software- iTelU Internet Telephone Software
For business users, BTC provides a professional grade communication tool: iTelU Internet Telephone Software. It is multifunctional and supports a rich set of features such as text chatting, white boarding, video conferencing, co-browsing, and instant messaging. With this powerful software, users are able to enhance their productivity as well as decrease their communication costs.

4.Communications Accessories 
For both business and home users, BTC provides high quality communication accessories such as web cams, microphones, speakers, Bluetooth based handsets and Bluetooth base stations that can handle up to 7 handsets. The Bluetooth base stations can easily connect to the Internet for integration into an overall VoIP platform. In the near future, BTC will also provide Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth wireless base stations, and various other communication products.

5.Corporate level network safety services - Firewall
This is a network security system that effectively lowers the possibility of hacker or virus attacks from taking advantage of your network resources. Provides real-time security, optimizes your system's performance, and ensures QoS (Quality of Service).

The Computex Show will be held from Jun-06 to Jun-10. BTC would like invite all partner and customers to TICC (Taipei International Conference Center) Hall 4 T202 to share our new product exhibition and product achievements.

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