The first PC video speaker phone in the world
SP110/SP310 PC Video Speakerphone

More and more free conference S/W Skype/MSN/Yahoo messager become popular recently. This change effects consumers' behavior and the telecommunications. Combining video function with internet conference will still be the main stream of technology. 

BTC focus on the camera product for long time and release the 1'st PC video camera SP110 /SP310 in the world.
The first 4 in 1 function: inclusive of Webcam + Microphone + Speaker + Headphone slot. You may set your PC for a video conference call or playback music easily. 

  1. Support USB plug and play and compatible with Skype/MSN/Yahoo messager for your video conference.
  2. Built in high quality speaker to play high fidelity audio. Enjoy your favorite music with personal PC.
  3. Support sound output with headset for private conversation.
  4. Mute button enables private off-line conversation and lod-speaker off control; You may also control the volume directly from the button of panel. 
  5. Compact flip-up design, USB powered, and no external power adapter required. You can plug & play at conference call. The AEC(Acoustic Echo Cancellation) design will clear the noise to keep sound quality at conference call.
  6. Install the driver to activate as web cam. You may share the real -time image with your friend.
  7. Use the bundled SW to frame your original photo.

Cooperate with BTC to win in the coming digital life. Let's create a great future.

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