BTC Announces the External Slim Combo Drive - BCO2408SU   11/20/2003
  BTC adds style and efficiency to the opto-electronics
Taipei, Taiwan, October 20, 2003 - BTC, a leader in opto-electronic manufacturing, proudly announced its addition to the slim optical drive market with its external 24X Slim Combo Drive (BCO2408SU), commencing a new level of light, compact, and portable digital drives. 

Starting from the drawing board, BTC developed the new 24X External Slim Combo Drive with basic human needs in mind. Users prefer space-saving, light devices with multiple functionality. With the continuing growth in numbers of notebook users, a slim and portable CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive will be a great tool that is easy to carry around. Burn CD's and watch DVD's even when you're on the road. The USB2.0 interface is highly adaptable, user-friendly, and available on nearly every PC sold in the today's market. And to top it all off, the sleek, trendy aluminum alloy case looks impressive next to any desktop or notebook. 

BTC's did not stop at user compatibility. They put their leading technology into the 24x External Slim Combo Drive. The internal High Precision OPU and Micro-Stepping Motor ensures accuracy and stability while the innovative Dynamic Signal Optimizing Adjustment Technology applies individualized micro-adjustments with different media to eliminate media rejection during reading and writing. The MTK SuperLink Buffer Underrun Error Prevention Technology and Tilt Controlled Laser Adjusting Technology produce perfect burns even with poor quality blank media.

The BCO 2408SU will no doubt usher in a new wave of external devices, appealing to the user's technological needs as well as their aesthetic cravings. With the addition of the BCO 2408SU to BTC's existing product line, BTC fulfills every faucet of your digital experience. 

BCO 2408SU - External Slim Combo
- CD-R write at 24x, CD-RW write at 12x
- CD-ROM read at 24x, DVD-ROM read at 8x
- USB 2.0 interface
- Supports all types of CD formats
- Buffer Underrun Prevention technology
- Slim design for portable usage

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