New Product Information: BTC 8193 Smart Office Keyboard   11/23/2003
  With the unlimited convenience that computer generalization brings to us, the consumers' needs for PC is more complicated because of the PC function is getting abundant and full of diversity. Under this circumstance, there are two main purposes for each manufacture to work hard on: 
1. How to choose the peripheral? And,
2. How to make PC functions more delicate and getting more individualization?

By innovating new R&D technique and substantial marketing ability, BTC Corp. rapidly gets outstanding place in this keen peripheral market. Since 8190URF Wireless Office Keyboard was successfully promoted, this Office Keyboard with USB RF technique continuously receiving wonderful recommends from overseas professional evaluation media. Therefore, due to numerous reflections of BTC Keyboard excellent efficacy, we make untiring efforts to design this whole new keyboard---8193 Smart Office Keyboard---according to outstanding performance, stable operation and optimum price, moreover, fully understand of the marketing requirement.

The main idea of 8193 Smart Office Keyboard is easy & quick operation, and pursuing Western fashion atmosphere. The outward appearance design of 8193 Smart Office Keyboard is definitely a classic work of this keyboard market for it eliminates the dull outlook of traditional keyboard. To coordinate with users, we also design a detachable armrest for considering users' comfort.

This is the whole body of 8193, including the armrest.

The most special part of 8193 Keyboard is the "luminous backlight hotkeys". Most people will be attracted as seeing this blue backlight buttons. What are the symbols the on the blue light? They are hotkeys for different Internet functions. 

The symbols on hotkeys marked by laser carving are clearly shown under dark environment. The tender blue light of "luminous backlight hotkeys" shows the delicate design of 8193 Smart Office Keyboard.

Besides the special & smart outlook of 8193 Smart Office Keyboard, the functions are more complete and totally overthrowing traditional normal keyboard. The scroll wheel on the left side of the keyboard controls scrolling function in Internet. All you need to do is slightly scrolling up & down and then you can easily turn over the pages. Little upper of the scroll wheel are the "Clipboard Hotkeys" which you would use most often in Office applications.

The scroll wheel controls "Page Up" and "Page Down" functions when exploring Internet.

(Left) Office Function Keys can link to Office software quickly.

(Right) Multimedia Function area.
Internet, multimedia, system control, and sleep/wake up functions are combined together on the upper row of the keyboard. Round & soft design of those buttons is like decorations that mutually respond to the keyboard outlook design. According to different functions, they are divided into four areas, from left to right is "Clipboard Hotkeys", "Internet Keys", "Office Application Keys" and "Multimedia Keys". 

(Left) Office Wizard key will light up when functioned.

(Right) Special shape of LED indication light.

Except four independent hotkey area, F1~F12 on traditional keyboard are also given new functions on 8193 Smart Office Keyboard, and also named as "Enhance Function Keys Block". With "Office Wizard Key" on the left-upper corner, they can practice many functions in Microsoft® Windows® operating system. Whether the "Office Wizard Key" functions or not can be told from its backlight. Three LED indication light are designed as a special green arc on the keyboard.

Key-in Euro sign.

By pressing the button "5", you can key-in the Euro sign so easily instead of using "Insert Symbols" in the application menu.

The material of 8193 Smart Office Keyboard is high-level plastic. You donˇ¦t have to worry about paint falling off problem, for we use the high-class spray paint technical. All the buttons are designed as super high-level intensity, it can stand morn than 1500 million times tying. The printing on each key-hat is craving by laser, the alphabets are so clearly shown on the key-hat, the most important is: this printing skill wonˇ¦t cause falling off problem.

BTC 8190URF is so admired after promoting into the peripheral market, and now we give you 8193 Smart Office Keyboard that has more superiority and variability no matter on functions or the outward look. This keyboard let you easily make use of all the applications, explore Internet, and manage your PC files perfectly. Now, just try yourself on 8193 Smart Office Keyboard, you will immediately feel the easy and smart way of experience technical & digital fashion life.

Something about BTC:

BTC now is the main keyboard supplier on PC market in world (is list in Top 100 marketing company in Taiwan), and always giving our customers high quality input device like keyboard & mouse. We are the leading manufacturer in PC peripheral market by satisfying customers' fully requirements, and providing products that are perfect and appended. In present, there are "Input Device Division" & "Optical Storage Divisionc under BTC business group. Besides, we also have product factory in China, Korea, and French, and have many branch offices all over the world to match diversify and difference marketing development. If more products related information is needed, please go to


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