9051H Cheetah Professional Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Kit 2008/03/07

Behavior Tech Computer Corp., a leading keyboard and mouse manufacturer in Taiwan, is introducing 9051H Cheetah Professional Gaming Keyboard and Mouse kit with high-tech gaming hardware specially designed for PC gamers. 

9051H Cheetah Professional Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Kit

The Cheetah Gaming Keyboard features 17 individual keys specifically for gaming input commands. The unique gaming keys are ergonomically designed and laid out on a gaming wheel for adjustable gaming positions. The keyboard features two sets of user customized commands configured in A and B memory modes, and can be setup for different games, or within the same game for different character controls. 

The Cheetah Gaming Keyboard use patented multicolored backlight technology that can be enabled at the press of a hotkey. If the speed of key presses increase during intense gaming, the color of the backlight will gradually turn red. When the keyboard is left idle mode, the backlight of the keyboard will glow blue.

This Laser Gaming Mouse reigns supreme with a true 2000dpi Laser sensor, which enables movement speeds of 2 times that of a standard 800dpi optical sensor. In the meanwhile, 2000 dpi Gamer - Grade Laser Engine for enhanced tracking on a wider range of surfaces.

Gamers may now use 3 DPI Shift to speed up or slow down the pace of the mouse at their fingertips. Click to quickly shift from 800,1300 to 2000 DPI as the scroll wheel changes color -800(green) / 1300(blue) / 2000(red) dpi resolution between shifts.

It also provides two programmable gaming buttons - Virtual-Run button and Wave Action button. In game play this powerful and useful Wave Action button, fires forever with just one click, and holding Virtual-run button, let you instant 180 degree turnaround to easily defeat your opponent. 

Like a Cheetah attacking its prey this gaming keyboard and mouse kit will enable you to play games with breathtaking speed and ultimate precision ! Join the gaming elite using the  9051H Cheetah Professional Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Kit X your competition doesn't stand a chance! 

About Behavior Tech Computer Corp. (BTC)
Established since 1982, BTC brings innovation, vision, and efficiency together to the computer components industry. In the early years, BTC aggressively engaged the market by manufacturing top quality keyboard, then moved into advanced digital products. BTC relies on its creativity, technology, production capabilities, and international reach, priding itself in its two core businesses: input devices and advanced digital device. Amidst the rapidly changing high-tech industry, BTC remains a leader in the keyboard industry and continues to revolutionize the world of computer components as we know it. 


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