3009URF III Vista MCE Remote Control - Remotely Control Your Own Digital Entertainment Life 2008/09/15
With the spread of the use of Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center Editions, Windows Vista Home Premium, and Ultimate operating systems, the multimedia functions of their Windows Media Center (abbreviated as MCE) provides more and more people with outstanding new experiences for all types of digital entertainment. No matter if it is enjoying or sharing photos, videos, television, movies, music, or games, it allows the computer to become our fully functional home entertainment center. Also, taking into consideration the experiences that most people have in using their digital entertainment devices, an easy-to-use remote control can better allow consumers to freely and easily control their own digital entertainment life with the touch of a button. 

Because of this, the well-known global computer peripherals maker BTC (Behavior Tech Computer Corp.) has recently introduced a product that supports the concept of the digital home entertainment center: the 3009URF III Vista MCE remote control.

The simple and humanized design of the 3009URF III Vista MCE remote control is shown in its button arrangement, which is divided by function into Transport Controls, Navigation Controls, Audio and Video Controls, Media Center Shortcut Keys, and Numeric Keypad. The size and arrangement of the buttons were tested by consumers themselves. Certified by Microsoft, it can support all functions of the Windows Media Center. Unlike remote controls on the market that are made of membrane, its metal dome provides consumers with a better feel and a longer use life.

Transport Controls
This area includes the play, pause, stop, fast forward, rewind, skip forward, skip backward, and record buttons. 
Navigation Controls
This area includes the left, right, up, and down direction buttons and the OK button. The "i" button of the top right is like the right-click button on a mouse, which can call up function menus for a file or on a page. The "" button in the upper left corner is the "Back" button. The Green Start button is used to open the MCE main menu in Windows Vista. 
Audio and Video Controls
This area includes the volume control buttons, the channel change buttons, and the mute button. 
Media Center Shortcut Keys
This area includes 8 shortcut keys to quickly open the related functions -recorded TV, program guide, Live TV, DVD menu, music, picture, video and online radio.
Numeric Keypad
This area's main function is for changing channels. Also, the remote control also supports the triple-tap function, so alphabetic letters can also be entered here. In the MCE, the text entry page has character tables as a reference.

As wide-screen monitors are getting popular, the angle limit problem often occurs when using infrared remote controls. The 3009URF III VISTA MCE remote control uses 2.4GHz RF wireless technology to provide the best anti-interference ability, and it also works form a distance of 10 meters to allow you to enjoy sitting on the living room sofa while selecting the music in the computer's Windows Media Center. This truly brings the freedom and portability of wireless applications into play in your digital entertainment experience.

BTC continually introduces a line of MCE compatible products to satisfy the different use needs of consumers and to allow you to freely enjoy your own digital entertainment life. 

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