High Definition Media Center (Recordable Multimedia Player) ¡V MU1 /MU1H  2008/09/16
MU1/MU1H HD (High Definition) Media Center takes you into digital life style by bringing the entertainment and information technology together with its fantastic design. You can play your favorite music, show photos, and record favorite TV programs into the built-in HDD via MU1/MU1H. Friendly user interface and high definition display capability ensure you the high entertainment experience.

With this versatile HD media center, you don't need a DVD Recorder or any other trans-coder to transfer your photos or image files in camcorder via computer, you may just plug in your DV or USB device (such as Flash, Micro Drive¡Ketc) to play or transfer your files.
Easy record function helps end-user no need to search for recorded files, also no need to worry about the restrict length. MU1/MU1H becomes a satisfy, simple, and easily function consumer product for family member to use.

MU1/MU1H also integrates the network environment, become one of family media center. Users may not only play it but also record at any time and edit or reserve the program as well as record your DV into this media center.

The humanized interface design is not only easy to operate, as well as the sense of vision in design. The high texture and straighten type design of product not only draw the customer¡¦s taste but also increase whole elegant qualities in arranging the living room.

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