BTC M993 4D Wireless Office Mouse---New Product Information   11/24/2003
  With the upgrading of computer technique and the peripheral continuously pursuing modern innovation, products which have ergonomics considerations now appeals more popular and attention. BTC now has a whole new M993 4D Wireless Office Ergonomics Mouse that emphasizes on decency hand-feeling & cool outlook design that can definitely show its special characteristics, and be a good companion of users with heavy duty.

Decency ergonomics design is the most obvious characteristic of BTC M993 Mouse. BTC cooperates with National Taiwan University of Science & Technology to work together on the innovation of this unique mouse. Several graduate-school students constantly test on what would be the most comfort position when operating mouse. After primary model testing, the data would be provided to related PC operators to experience practically the feeling of holding BTC M993 in hand. This constantly test let BTC M993 gets superior value.

Streamline design uses on BTC M993 outlook. The outer shell uses metal-like dark gray and silver to coordinate a special outlook that is so different from traditional mouse. From the side view, the arc camber is quite huge, also the degree between mouse top and button. It's due to the mouse is tailor-made and fit for right-handed users. The advantage of ergonomics is that we can put our palm naturally on the mouse without extra effort. This design makes the operation is much more easily.
 M993 4D Wireless Office Mouse

M993 Office Key: Quick Jump Function when pressing the "Office" button.

There are 5 buttons on BTC M993 mouse. An "Office" key is added onto it, which is located below the scroll wheel and the middle of mouse left & right button. When pressing this "Office" key, Quick Jump Function will pop up as the shape of flower. This makes users access more easily between switching application programs and reducing clicking repeatedly on mouse buttons to raise work efficiency.

Office Key can call out for four different menus for different functions: Multimedia Menu, Internet Menu, Office Menu, and Application functions. Please refers to the following for more details:

When selecting Internet function, "e" icon would appear with a blue backlight that means the selection is successful.
[Internet] Clicking on this icon to popup Internet Menu, including WWW, E-Mail, Back, Next, Refresh, My Favorite, search, and Stop.
[Multimedia] Clicking on this icon to popup Multimedia Menu, including Play/Pause, Previous Track, Next Track, Volume Down, Volume up, Mute, Stop, and Eject.
[Application] Clicking on this icon to popup Application Menu, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Calendar, Calculator, and three short cuts.
[Office] Clicking on this icon to popup Office application functions, including copy, cut, paste, Undo, Redo, Open New File, Open Old File, and Save.
If you want to quit any of them, just clicking on the "X" in the middle of the Quick Jump Menu. The operation is so easily and powerful.

M993 ergonomics outlook
The main left & right button of M993 mouse is designed as bull-nose to give round atmosphere. The silver anti-oxygen paint outshoots this mouse a high-level product. Dark gray scroll wheel and silver upper cover coordinate to make a nice harmony. When clicking on BTC M993 mouse buttons, you can immediately feel the rhythm with the ringing double-click sound. Two side buttons on the left are to replace the "Page Up" & "Page Down" functions on keyboard. It's easy to operating these two buttons by putting your fingers on the flute. Together with out KeyMaestro Input Device Driver, users can re-defined the functions of these two buttons.

The most special thing of BTC M993 mouse is the three-in-one receiver: receiver + rechargeable set + recharging rechargeable batteries. This thoughtful design makes the user save more desk space then ever and save money on batteries. The rapid rechargeable procedure only takes about 4~5 hours. The BTC logo will be in red indication light on M993 mouse upper cover when rechargeable the mouse. After the recharging is complete, the red indication light will turn into blue.

BTC M993 mouse with Ergonomics + USB Connector + Wireless Optical technique is such a superior product that can override previous mouse products, and this shows the determination of BTC on making outstanding wireless optical mouse.

Whole appearance of Mouse with the rechargeable set.

Red indication light when recharging.

Recharging the rechargeable batteries.

Something about BTC:
BTC now is the main keyboard supplier on PC market in world( is list in Top 100 marketing company in Taiwan) , and always giving our customers high quality input device like keyboard & mouse. We are the leading manufacturer in PC peripheral market by satisfying customers' fully requirements, and providing products that are perfect and appended. In present, there are "Input Device Division" & "Optical Storage Division" under BTC business group. Besides, we also have product factory in China, Korea, and French, and have many branch offices all over the world to match diversify and difference marketing development. If more products related information is needed, please go to

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